Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Borden. All opinions are my own.

The Thanksgiving turkey and ham is always the highlight of the Thanksgiving meal! But, what do you do with a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers from the meal? That’s the best part! There are many recipes you can put the leftover turkey in after the holiday, and you’re free to get creative. Here are a few different delicious ways I make my leftovers last.


Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Turkey Spaghetti

Cut the turkey into bite-size pieces. Boil noodles, then open cans of spaghetti sauce. Pour the sauce into a pan and warm the turkey up in the spaghetti sauce. If you like it a little cheesy, try some Borden Italian shreds on top. It’s a yummy way to enjoy your leftover turkey!

Turkey Leftover Snack

Turkey Wrapped in Bacon

While this may seem strange, it tastes amazing! Wrap larger pieces of turkey in raw bacon and place in a large pan. Then, open up cream of mushroom and cream of chicken and mix in a large bowl. Once mixed, pour and spread over the wrapped turkey. Then put in the over at 450 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Once it’s done, enjoy the flavorful, great tasting turkey wrapped in bacon.

Turkey Rolls, Fresh Fruit and Borden Cheese

I like to take leftover turkey slices and roll them with a pretzel skewer. Couple those with some fresh fruit and Borden string cheese and you have a perfect lunch or after-school snack.


Turkey Sandwich

The best way to serve a turkey sandwich is to begin by toasting the bread. Right after, place a slice of cheese over the toast. Warm up a slice of leftover turkey and spread mayonnaise (or whatever condiment you prefer) over the other piece of toast. Serve and enjoy the combination of melted Borden cheese and turkey in your mouth.

Borden Cheese

I have partnered with Borden Cheese in the effort to eliminate holiday waste by adding cheese to leftover dishes.

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