This post is sponsored by Pilot Flying J, but all opinions are my own.

Some people enjoy summer for baseball games, the drive-in, splashing in the pool and backyard cookouts. My family loves traveling in the sunnier months, exploring places both familiar and new. It’s a time for bonding and exploring, for leaving our worries behind.

Road Trip as a Family Kia Sedona

Our favorite way to travel: For the seven of us to climb aboard our Kia Sedona minivan and hit the open road in search of adventure. Over the years, we’ve driven many miles from our home in Texas, exploring not only the Lone Star State, but surrounding areas as well.

We love summer road trips for many reasons. Most importantly, it’s a chance to be together, free from most distractions. No school work or homework, no televisions, no computers, no neighbors popping-in to say hello. Summer travel is when we re-connect with each other and discuss the world as we see it.

Road Trip as a Family Kia Sedona

Another thing we love about summer travel: the sightseeing. With the right amount of planning, we can hit several different places over the course of a single journey. Some years we opt for nature, heading to one or more campgrounds or state parks; other years, we favor history and point the Sedona to monuments, national parks or other historically significant locations. There is always something to learn on our road trips.

Summer travel is also a joy for the people – people we see during our travels and the people we meet when we get there. Sometimes it’s just a matter of people watching. But other times we’ve had opportunities to get to know fascinating people simply by talking to them at breakfast or poolside.

Life on the road during our summer adventures would be much harder without being able to stop roadside to refuel and refresh. Our favorite rest areas are those operated by Pilot Flying J Travel Centers. Pilot Flying J offers everything you’ll need on your journey – starting with the ever-important clean bathroom!

Pilot Flying J Truck Stop

We love the food at Pilot Flying J, as these centers offer more than standard fast-food fare. In fact, Pilot Flying J likes to boast of a “history of fresh food excellence.” If you’re looking to grab something and go, you can make a healthy choice. Pilot Flying J makes to-go food daily using fresh ingredients, helping you get back to the road quickly. If you have a little more time, Pilot Flying J also offers fast casual dining.

Of course you’ll need to fill up the tank, so Pilot Flying J also offers gas station service. Interestingly, if you’re an ambitious (and organized) one, you could even shop around for the best prices. Pilot Flying J lists gas prices at every one of its locations on the Pilot Flying J website.

Pilot Flying J Truck Stop

For those who choose to road trip in larger vehicles, such as an RV, Pilot Flying J has you covered. Pilot Flying J also caters to truck drivers, so you’ll find plenty of parking, especially for larger recreational vehicles.

Summer travel can be hectic. But with the right perspective and the right amount of planning, and a route that takes you near Pilot Flying J travel centers, you too can fall in love with the open road.