There are at least 6 million car accidents per year in the US, and 90 people die in these accidents daily. Also, the Institute Research Council reports that medical expenses reported by auto accident victims continue to rise faster than the rate of inflation. 

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If you have been in a recent car accident and are recovering, you may be dealing with a pile of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Calling 1800Victim2 may be a good idea, so you can talk to a personal injury attorney about your accident to see if you have a good case.  

Expect Feelings of Shock and Anxiety

A severe car accident is a traumatic experience. Sure, we all know that is true intellectually, but it’s scary and real when you go through one. You may emerge from your wrecked vehicle shaking, crying, stressed, and more. The whole scene may seem like a slow-motion dream at first. All of this is normal. 

Try to sit down and recover for a few minutes after you call the police. You also may continue to feel shocked for hours or days after the accident. Be sure you reach out to friends and family for support. If handling medical appointments and insurance company issues are too much, ask a close family member to help. 

Go to the Hospital and Get Documentation 

Even if you think you are not injured, always go to the hospital to be checked by a doctor. If by some chance, an injury shows up a few days later, you will have problems getting it covered by the insurance company if you did not see a doctor right away. 

If you have substantial injuries, everything must be carefully evaluated and documented by a doctor. Get a copy of all medical records related to your accident injuries. Ensure that you fill all of the prescriptions your doctor gives you and follow all treatment plans precisely. If you are stressed out and need support from family or friends to get you to your medical appointments, please do it. It’s important to follow your doctor’s treatment plan exactly if you file a claim or lawsuit. 

Watch for Emerging Problems

Watch closely if you develop other medical problems a few days after the accident. After an accident, it is common for someone to feel no neck pain, but the adrenaline rush hides the pain from your whiplash. That pain may not set in for one or two days. 

If you notice other injuries and pain after your initial doctor’s visit, write them down and get in to see the doctor as soon as you can. 

Report All Details to the Insurance Company

Your car and medical insurance companies need to have all of the details of your accident written out. At this time, you may want to bring in a personal injury attorney to handle your case. A severe and first-time accident is confusing and stressful. Your attorney can take over the details and allow you to focus on your recovery. A skilled attorney can take over insurance company negotiations and ensure that you get the best settlement possible. 

All car accidents are stressful situations, but if you follow the above advice, you should be able to get through this time fine. Remember, if you have injuries that are more than a few hundred dollars and last more than a week, you probably should at least talk to a personal injury attorney. They can help you get the compensation you deserve.