The sole purpose of home siding is not just to shield it from outside weather and extreme temperature fluctuations. The design, style, and colors of the siding hold equal importance.

Entrance of a house - paint the front door

Several factors affect the selection of the best and most suitable siding with specific designs or colors, such as the location and size of your house, the region’s climate, and the exterior style you prefer.

Top 5 Trendy Siding Colors For Your Home

Following are some popular colors that have been in trend for a while and will definitely make your house stand out in an instant.

1.     Autumn Red

Autumn red is a bold color that gives off a traditional vibe. If you have a grand architecture that you want to make traditional, autumn red is the perfect choice. Combine it with white and grey to give a more cooling and calming effect.

Want to go more bold? Try combining mint green or making the roof light-colored. To make it pop, you can go with a full red autumn color on the exterior with cream or light grey accents.

2.     Desert Tan

Desert tan is a timeless color that goes with every architecture and climate. If you want to make your home look more cozier and comforting, combine the neutral tan color with suede or green. These contrasts will make the exterior look softer.

Desert tan complements the blues and greys and gives a cooler look. For shutters, you can choose any dark color to add a more dramatic appearance.

3.     Natural Green or Forest Green

The classic, natural green color makes the exterior lively. The dark green shade goes well with white staircases, or you can combine them with grey shutters.

If you have a well-trimmed garden at the front of your home, you can choose more earth tones, such as mountain sage or deep forest green. This will naturally blend your home’s exterior with the surroundings, giving it a more cohesive look.

4.     Jet Black

Selecting jet black or deep black as a siding color can be a two-edged sword. You must be extra careful when choosing contrasting colors for black, as it can also go wrong. While black looks incredible in some regions and climates, you have to consider its drawbacks as well.

Areas where temperatures are high must avoid using all-black home exteriors, as they absorb heat. However, you can use black in combination with neutral and light shades like cream, grey, and white. These combinations can pull off black well.

5.     Snow White

White is the timeless and ever-green choice for American homes. You can never go wrong with the clean and crisp look white gives home sidings.

There are endless color pairings that perfectly suit white. Combine light blue, grey, or even black shutters as accents for an all-white exterior. You can install a colonial, arctic, or crisp white facade to give your house a well-maintained look every season. It gives a majestic view to any architecture and feels aesthetic as well.

Picking the suitable color can be confusing at times. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact professionals like Atlanta siding contractors and other industry experts to seek advice.

In short,

No matter what type of house siding you choose, you have various color options, including coastal blues, grey, white, granite grey, and yellow earthy tones like desert tan and forest green.

While you can select the most popular color palette, you must also consider other factors, such as the architectural style of your home, landscape or surroundings, the climate of the region, and your neighborhood, when finalizing the siding color.

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