As a part for the #TeamKidde Ambassadorship I was provided the Kidde RemoteLync Camera to review. All opinions are my own.

The Convenience of Mobile Security for the Home

It’s not enough that the Kidde RemoteLync Camera is entirely cordless. The most interesting thing about this home security camera is the fact that it can be remotely controlled from your smart phone. Furthermore, you can increase permissions on that control to anyone you want authorized in security measures. This means that even if your phone dies, or you’re not available when an alert notification is sent out, someone could respond.

Kidde RemoteLync Camera

The camera is entirely cord free, and can be installed absolutely anywhere. From under a table to a hard-to-reach crevasse. you can disguise it in a bowl of plastic fruit or stick it near a entry point in your home. Really, the possibilities in this regard are endless, and another huge innovative leap in home security technology. Before, a cord would be required. But as technology has compounded, cogent, working innovations like this camera can be relied on for months at a time without any kind of cord.

Kidde RemoteLync Camera

The secret behind this camera’s ability to be so versatile in its placement is a rechargeable battery. It’s good that it is rechargeable, as there are a great number of off-brand options like this camera that use terminal batteries. When a pack of Duracell batteries can cost as much as ten dollars, you could potentially be looking at twenty or thirty dollars a year to maintain such a camera. But with the Kidde RemoteLync Camera, you only spend money one time, and from there the camera delivers.

Kidde RemoteLync Camera

Speaking of only spending money one time, another great feature of this camera is its warranty. The Kidde RemoteLync Camera comes with a one year warranty, ensuring you’ll have a safe house for a full year. Recharging only takes a little bit of time, but that charging will last for a full three months; which means you only need to charge the camera four times a year.



The camera automatically alerts mobile devices whenever motion is detected. So, if you’ve got a cat, you might want to put the camera somewhere the cat won’t be. Technology hasn’t quite reached the point wherein automated functions can be mitigated by discernment programming–though that, too, is certainly on the horizon!


Kidde RemoteLync Camera


It makes sense to get this kind of camera in order to protect valuables. Especially if you’re on extended vacation, and the animals have been stationed with a friend or acquaintance, this camera could be the thing that keeps you from losing assets to some sneak thief. Those who steal for a living are adept at determining when someone is away. But a conventional security system isn’t always a good idea; because those that install it have the “keys to the kingdom”, as it were. Whereas with the Kidde RemoteLync Camera, only you know where it’s at, whether or not it’s accurate, and who is authorized to respond should motion be detected.

The world is going downhill fast, and lowered economy breeds thieves. Be smart, and secure your home with the most advanced and effective solutions on the market; like the Kidde RemoteLync.

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