Certain badges have a status and value that motorists are happy to pay a premium for. BMW is one of those iconic badges and it has a long-held reputation for producing quality cars that are built to last.

How Well Do BMWs Retain Their Value Over Time?

Search Used BMW Phoenix, for instance, and you will see lots of great examples of pre-owned vehicles that will provide you with years of enjoyable motoring.

Although it is generally accepted that cars tend to lose their value over time, brands like BMW perform better than some of its rivals when it comes to depreciation.

How well will your used BMW retain its value over the next few years and beyond?

Understanding the timeline

Just like any other brand, when you buy a brand new BMW you can expect a certain amount of depreciation the moment it leaves the showroom.

In general, about a quarter of a car’s depreciation will happen in the first two years of its life. The good news on that score is that it means there is a great opportunity to pick up a fantastic used BMW for a price that should represent good value.

Some models fare better than others

You can’t generalize too much when talking about whether a brand like BMW does well in holding its value.

It stands to reason that some models are more expensive and exclusive than others. That can have an impact on the rate of depreciation.

If someone has paid a large number for a premium model it has the potential to fall more steeply as the price has further to go. Conversely, if you buy a BMW series that has a good entry-level price and is always popular, there is a greater chance that resale values will hold firmer.

This is because demand for some used BMW models is consistently high. That means competition for these cars helps keep prices at a good level.

Mileage is always a factor

BMWs are built to last. A car from this stable will always have been constructed to a higher standard than some other makers. That means that mileage may not be such a factor in a quality BMW compared to an average family saloon.

If you were given a choice of a used BMW with 100K miles on the clock or a lesser brand of car that was cheaper to buy in the first place it’s a fairly good bet that the BMW will be in better shape.

Therefore, mileage can be a factor when it comes to price. But it is relative to the quality of the construction of the car in the first place as this impacts its endurance and performance capabilities over time.

Is there a star performer?

A BMW M3 often manages to retain about half of its original value five years from the original purchase date.

That’s an impressive benchmark. Not all used BMWs will hold their value that well, but it does demonstrate how well-regarded the brand is. That helps you to think about buying a used BMW with a degree of confidence when you know that there is a fair chance it will hold its value as well as possible into the future.

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