Who doesn’t dream of packing a bag and taking off to a far away land? But many people never get past the dreaming stage. It can be difficult to find time for that long-awaited vacation amid the obligations and responsibilities that come with being an adult.

, How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Travel Adventure, Days of a Domestic Dad
Thatched roof hut on a beautiful white sand beach in Aruba overlooking the Caribbean Sea

Travel blogs, such as sanetraveller, can provide inspiration for the perfect vacation destination. But you might still need that extra push or reason to pack your bag and go.

Your Hobby Can Lead to Unexpected Adventures

It’s a great big world out there and it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down feasible and interesting travel spots. Do you want to take the road less travelled or stick with mainstream tourist stops?

One way to weed out the vacation spots you’ll enjoy the most is by combining a much-loved hobby with your wanderlust. You’ll end up on some pretty fascinating adventures.

, How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Travel Adventure, Days of a Domestic Dad

5 Hobbies That Make For Excellent Travel Ideas

A hobby is more than just a way to pass the time. Hobbies give us a chance to relax while experiencing something we enjoy. The best part about hobbies is that there is always someone else out there in the world who enjoys the same thing, even the most obscure activity.

These 5 hobbies are easily turned into travel adventures across the globe.

1. Bookworms can enter a portal to another world. The perfect vacation for book lovers can be visiting the most beautiful libraries in the world. Or visiting fictional birthplaces of our favorite literary characters, such as Dracula, in what’s now called Romania.

2. Museums and exhibits are perfect for art aficionados. Whether you’re creating art or admiring it, there are millions of museums to visit around the world. Pop-up art exhibits are a big attraction in cities such as New York and Paris.

3. Foodies will love tasting the cuisine from different parts of the world. One of the highlights of a vacation is tasting the foods from another culture and cuisines. Trying the local food is reason enough for travel.

4. Sports fanatics can take in a game of a city’s home team. From Hall of Fame museums to famous stadiums, sports can be a driving force for a city’s tourism. Sports fans can relax and take in a local game of their favorite sport or a sport they’d like to learn.

5. Music lovers everywhere unite under the music of the world. Hundreds of cities around the world put on annual music festivals in every genre imaginable. Some feature local talent and others are popular festivals with mega-talent headliners.

, How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Travel Adventure, Days of a Domestic Dad
Denver Colorado Rush. Busy Denver Streets, Speer Boulevard Platte River Bridge and the City Skyline. October Night in Denver.

Travel Itself Can Be a Hobby

If you need an excuse to give yourself a break, just look to your preferred hobby for inspiration. Travel can be educational as well as enjoyable for the whole family. If you’ve always wanted to see the world’s largest globe, add it to your itinerary for your next travel adventure. Any hobby can be turned into a travel opportunity with a little imagination and a bit of research.