If not in schools, where else would the young ones be safe as they work on a better tomorrow? Unfortunately, for the past few years, learning facilities have brought devastation to parents, teachers, students, and the world at large because of shooting incidents.

Child students in school

This is not right! Everyone wants a safe learning environment free from threats, but most importantly, from gun violence.

Gun violence has claimed the lives of many young and energetic students, dedicated teachers, and staff. But not anymore. Here are some measures to address the issue squarely and strategically.

Weapon Detection Technology

Guns cannot enter education centres when stable weapon detection technology is at the entry points. This development allows security cameras to identify various weapons, such as pistols and other metallic objects, such as knives. The weapons don’t have to be exposed since the technology in these cameras can reveal them in their hiding places within seconds.

People and cars pass through the schools alongside human personnel, monitoring the live captures. Gun detection technology is what all schools need to eliminate weapons in schools and ensure everyone entering goes through the screening point.

Engage Gun-Licensed Parents About Safe Storage

Statistics show that in every 10 cases of gun violence in the world, at least two are due to poor storage of the weapon by the parents. When a child gets hold of a gun without much knowledge about it apart from its ability to shoot, they often consider the unthinkable.

Before you realize it, the weapon has found its way to school and endangered learners’ lives. Parents should take full responsibility for gun storage, ensuring no child can access the weapon before legal age (and unlicensed).

Enact More Strict Gun Risk Laws

Gun laws should be among the ones that get the most frequent reviews to combat every potential risk that could threaten lives, especially in schools. The government should enact stricter regulations on the importation, purchase, and disposal of weapons.

Additionally, extreme consequences should be imposed on offenders to ensure that no one remains unpunished, or others rise after them. Warning signs should be taken more seriously because, too often, people found in gun-related crimes are likely to do the unimaginable in the future.

Develop a Culture of Gun Safety

All these worries started from a culture of violence and grew uncontrollably to reach innocent students in schools. The concerned departments should step forward to understand the problem and introduce a new culture of justice, peace, and unity. Everyone is responsible, from the school administration to the community and religious leaders.

The government and society also have profound roles to play. The aim is to foster healthy relationships between peers, especially teenagers, and educate them about gun dangers when misused. Parents should model good behaviour in their children and lead as examples when handling and storing guns.

Developing Stress Management Programs

Mental health has a significant influence on school shootings. While people should not project their instabilities onto others through violence, advocating for freedom of speech and stability can help reduce the instances.

For instance, schools should offer counselling services for every student experiencing issues that could cause stress and anxiety. Healthy parent-teacher cooperation is essential to improve learners’ well-being.

Check Gun Possession and Sale Backgrounds

The government sets laws regarding the sale and possession of firearms, which go quite well until a point in time when things start to happen. It all started with one person, and before long, the firearm market becomes loose and open to nearly everyone.

Performing an exhaustive background check on who can own or sell guns and related products could be a huge step in stopping violence in schools. If planned and executed well, the authorities can quickly discover people acquiring or trading without licenses. A series of efforts will eventually lead to a cleaner market and society.

Raise the Minimum Age for Gun Acquisition Rights

In most cases, it’s often those who recently reached the legal age for gun acquisition that take part in school shootings. While those who have stayed longer since the transition are not much better, raising the bar can alleviate the problem.

This is because at 18 (the legal age for guns in Canada), one might not be responsible enough to own one. It would be much safer to shift it to at least 21 to 22 years when the gap can be used to educate young citizens about gun safety.

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