Whether you’re starting a new job, school, or pursuing one of the best adventures of your life, Canada is a wonderful place to settle down. Canada is famous for ex-pats because of the excellent benefits and opportunities it offers, making it ideal for many foreign-born individuals to pursue a fresh start. So lets talk about how to move to Canada from US.

How to Move to Canada From US

How to Move to Canada From US

While it’s true that Canada is an ideal relocation destination, moving is but a simple process. For this reason, we have curated a quick guide that details step-by-step ways on how to move to Canada from US. This also includes some essential factors to keep in mind, such as landing new employment or accommodation, costs of living, and more.

If you’re seeking permanent residence in Canada, there are two ways you can do so: family reunification or economic immigration. Reunification typically requires you to have a Canadian relative who’s either a permanent resident, registered under the Canadian Indian Act or a citizen at least 18 years old or above that can sponsor your relocation.

Furthermore, independent visas are usually evaluated on a points-based system. For this, you will need at least sixty-seven points which will be given based on your age and whether or not you have family or relatives in Canada. The other points are based on skill set, training, and education.

On the other hand, residents making a move under Canada’s economic immigration paths require factors such as language skills, education, job, and age. The country’s Express Entry program also permits expats to apply for residence according to their future employment success. You can also look up the essential documents you’ll be needing for your immigration — this often varies depending on your purpose for relocation.

To ensure a more convenient and fast-paced process, you can consult the help of Total Law immigration so that you’ll be more informed about the necessary requirements throughout your immigration journey. Moreover, immigration experts will allow you to go through the ordeal without too much hassle, so you can easily focus on the steps you’ll be taking after you’ve properly moved into Canada.

Ensure that you can afford the costs of living

Securing permanent residency in Canada may feel like a dream come true to must, but before diving headfirst into such a decision, it’s important to make sure that you can afford the way of life there. Because of this, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with Canada’s living costs. Also, note that if you’re planning to move to Canada even temporarily, you’ll still be required to provide sufficient proof that you can pay for the living costs. Make sure that you do in-depth research before making rash decisions about moving since your capacity to afford Canada’s cost of living will ultimately determine the trajectory of your life there.

Set up your finances

Set up your finances by opening a bank account in Canada. You can already do this prior to moving; however, going personally to the bank is the more convenient option. Whether or not you’re in Canada permanently or temporarily, you can save cash on cross-border payment methods such as Wise if you’re transferring money to your Canadian account. Compared to Paypal or Western Union, which typically leave you with poor exchange rates, Wise is a great way to manage and store your money in various currencies.

Land a job or career in Canada

Unlike what you may typically be used to, Canada makes job searches smoother for its new residents. If you haven’t secured a job before moving to the country, you can always sift through several English-speaking sites like Indeed for Canada, Canada Visa Career Center, or Canada JObs for work opportunities that perfectly suit your interests and skill set.

Find a place to live in

The majority of Canadians reside on the southern border nearby the cities of Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto. The rental market within these urban areas can get quite competitive, but you can always search for other apartment or single-family home options that are either for sale or rent.

It’s also a wise choice to start looking for housing or residence before you even relocate to Canada. You may need the help of a real estate agent for this so that you’ll easily get through the process. Moreover, it’s also important to note that you pick rental homes with great home value. Otherwise, you can always file for a housing disrepair claim should your property become unsafe and unsuitable for you to stay in.


By following this simple and quick guide, you’d have enough to go around to start relocating and building your new life in Canada. Feel free to make friends within the community, explore interesting spots, and reap the perks that the country offers so you can enjoy your new residency to the fullest.

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