Valentine’s Day. The day when bouquets, chocolates and cards are exchanged by spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends everywhere. It’s an occasion when some of us tend to splurge because we really want to let them know we care.

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

This isn’t always the best thing for the finances though. Thankfully, it’s possible to show your significant other you love them without breaking the bank!

Here are some thoughtful things you can do on Valentine’s Day that won’t chomp into your overdraft. 

Create something personal

Writing a thoughtful Valentine’s Day card for your girlfriend or boyfriend is a great way to express your appreciation. Why stop there?

Get creative and make something personal for your significant other. If you’re arty, you could paint a picture of something they love. Or you could compile a scrapbook of a treasured memory you share with them. You could even create one large scrapbook page and get it framed and mounted for them.

Order a personalized cake, filled with their favorite flavors and adorned with a special message or picture on top. Plenty of bakeries offer custom valentines cakes, so be sure to order in advance. You could even try making a heart-shaped cake yourself, using a cake mold.

If your goal is to get out more as a couple and do new things together, why not gift them a jar full of date ideas? It’s something you could both contribute to on a regular basis. Then, whenever you’ve got an evening or a weekend to fill, you could pull an idea out of the jar and do whichever activity you pick out!

Get busy in the kitchen

Eating out is always nice, but it is possible to get just as much joy out of a home-cooked meal if you know how to plan it!

Whether it’s a cooked breakfast in bed or a special dinner, they’re sure to appreciate your efforts. A themed dinner could even be a nice way to mix things up. Could you recreate the food from their favourite film or learn how to cook a dish from their favourite part of the world?

Do extra household chores

This is a classic one, but it’s very true that sometimes simple, practical efforts are the things we value the most. Are there any household chores they usually take care of but don’t really like? Or could you surprise them by waking early and tidying the house before they wake up?

In fact ‘acts of service’ is one of the five love languages, so don’t underestimate the power of helping around the house for that special person in your life.

Do a DIY day out or night in activity

There are lots of different types of days out you can enjoy together when you’re in a relationship. Some are expensive. Others are not. Luckily, you don’t have to splash out to have a good time when you leave the house!

Visiting a mini golf course or an arcade can bring hours of fun, and usually, only a minimal sum of money needs to be spent!

Something as simple as taking a country drive, stargazing or watching a sunset on the beach is also a memorable way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Or why not set up an indoor cinema experience, get some popcorn and a movie you’ve both been meaning to watch for a while and get comfortable?

Turns out, there are lots of romantic gifts and experiences that can make Valentine’s Day special, without having to worry about the price tag!

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