It’s hard to go through divorce because it’s not something most people imagine themselves going through. People don’t get married with the end goal of getting divorced, which makes finding a divorce attorney even more complicated than it needs to be.

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With that being said, the best thing you can do when going through divorce proceedings is to find a lawyer that can provide the assistance and support you need. How do you find a divorce attorney that can do what you require them to do?

Read on below and determine what you need to do to bring you closer to finding an attorney that works for your needs.

Review Their Experience

The first thing you need to do before hiring an attorney is take some time to review the attorney’s experience. The experts at Ephraim Law have worked in divorce law for years and have worked on several of these types of cases. This means they understand the ins and outs needed to meet your needs.

When you’re reviewing their experience, you need to ask numerous questions. How many cases like mine has the attorney handled? What were the outcomes of these cases? Are there any red flags in the past of the attorney they have dealt with while practicing?

We aren’t saying that if someone is starting out in the field, they can’t represent you, but divorce isn’t something to take lightly. You need someone that isn’t using your divorce as an experiment because this is your real life, and you need someone that has tenure in the field.

Inquire About the Fees

Many attorneys have a retainer price and fees that come with hiring them to work with you. Before you begin your divorce proceedings, ask what the fees are that they will bill you for after the divorce is complete.

It helps if you let the attorney know what you’re working with regarding the funds you’ve set aside to cover the divorce. Divorce isn’t always a simple process, which means that it can take a prolonged period to reach a solution, which also means that it will cost more to complete the entire process.

The last thing you need to deal with at the end of a divorce is an invoice listing several fees you didn’t know were included in the price of working with the attorney.

Ask For Recommendations

What better way to find an attorney than to ask someone close to you that has dealt with divorce and can recommend an attorney for you to work with? When you take recommendations from people you trust, you can gain insight from someone who has dealt with things firsthand.

When you’re given the recommendation, take time to ask some need-to-know questions. What is the communication style of the attorney? Were there any problems you dealt with after you hired the attorney to oversee your divorce?

Searching For An Attorney: Divorce is Hard

When it comes to divorce, you need an attorney that will know what it takes to ensure all parties can get what they want and desire out of the divorce. It can be challenging, but ask about experience and, if needed, ask people you know for recommendations.

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