We spend most of our time at home. It’s where we kick our boots off and retire for the day. It should be our haven, a place where we can be our truest selves and bask in the comfort of that while enjoying ourselves.

Home For the Family, How to Create a Clean And Calm Home For the Family, Days of a Domestic Dad
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However, for a house to become a home or even a haven, it has to be clean, calm and Zen. Otherwise, you might just be living in a madhouse. 

Create a Clean And Calm Home For the Family

Creating such serenity in your home isn’t just a matter of introducing some aesthetic pieces. It’s a conscious effort directed toward creating an environment that fosters peace, well-being, and harmony for all family members. 

Here are some practical tips to help you transform your home into a sanctuary.

Declutter Regularly

The first step to a calm home is minimizing clutter. Clutter not only affects the appearance of your home but also impacts your mental health and stress levels. Start by sorting through each room and removing items that you no longer need or use. If it doesn’t kindle joy, you should throw it out, donate, sell, or recycle it to keep it out of landfills. You can even go a step further by creating regular decluttering sessions as a family bonding activity. This way, you get a less cluttered home while instilling a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a clean home doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire weekend scrubbing floors. Break down cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly activities. For example, dishes and countertops might be cleaned daily, while vacuuming and dusting can be done weekly or biweekly. To give yourself a breather, recruit some family members to help with the chores. Match the chores to said family members based on their ages and abilities.  

Opt for Neutral and Natural Colors

Color psychology plays a significant role in creating a calming atmosphere; this is why spas have similar color palettes. To rein in the Zen atmosphere into your family’s home, choose neutral and earthy color tones like beige, gray, soft blue, or green for your walls and furnishings. These colors are less likely to overwhelm the senses and can make your spaces feel more open and tranquil.

Invest in Quality Storage Solutions

If there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, your home will always appear clean, tidy and organized, bestowing calmness on everyone who walks through its doors. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to invest in quality storage solutions that match your home’s decor. With baskets, bins, shelves, cupboards, and trolleys, you can keep everyday items out of sight but within easy reach. Ensure every item has a designated place, which will make tidying up easier and more efficient.

Enhance Natural Light

Light, when done correctly, has a way of lightening moods (pun intended) and keeping you motivated. Maximizing natural light can instantly make your home feel more spacious and vibrant. You can achieve this by keeping the windows clean and unobstructed by heavy curtains or blinds. You may also like to consider using light, airy window treatments to enhance privacy without sacrificing sunlight. However, in areas with limited natural light, you should place mirrors strategically to reflect light and brighten the space.

Add Elements of Nature

Incorporating natural elements can significantly enhance the tranquility of your home. Indoor plants are not only visually appealing but also purify the air. Choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or bamboo if you don’t have a green thumb. Additionally, natural materials like wood, stone, and linen can add texture and warmth to your interiors.

Create Dedicated Quiet Zones

Just like you would designate vape zones so you and your adult friends can trade and use the best vapes, you should also allocate certain areas of your home to some peace. This might be a reading nook, a meditation space, or a special corner with comfortable cushions and throws. Encourage family members to use these spaces when they need time to decompress or engage in quiet activities like reading or journaling.

Use Soothing Scents

Scents can have a powerful effect on our mood. Use aromatherapy or scented candles to introduce calming fragrances like lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood into your home. These scents can reduce stress and enhance the overall sense of calm.


Creating a clean and calm living environment for your family is the responsibility of every adult. If your home is chaotic, you and your family members could get overstimulated due to the psychological triggers that are littered all over your house. However, by implementing these strategies, you can create a space that looks not only clean and calm but also genuinely feels like home. 

Home For the Family, How to Create a Clean And Calm Home For the Family, Days of a Domestic Dad