Space is often at a premium in the home, but there are many of us with a spare bedroom – often relegated to being an ill-used home office, or even a box room.

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In times of increasing economic hardship, more people with spare rooms are looking for ways to monetise their space, with Airbnb being a particularly lucrative opportunity. Renting space out to guests can also be a rewarding experience, introducing you to new people as well as subsidising household costs. But how might you get a spare room Airbnb-ready?


Bedrooms are often defined by the furniture they contain. Your Airbnb room is no different, and your choices of furniture can have powerful impacts on both comfort and utility. Your guests will need somewhere safe to store their clothes and personal effects, and will also feel more comfortable if furnishings cohere aesthetically.

This is especially the case for awkwardly-sized or -shaped spare and box rooms, where uneven walls or alcove spaces can eat into the available square footage of the room. In these instances, a fitted wardrobe can make the most of difficult spaces and provide useful storage for your guests and you as a host. Bottom drawers could store additional bedding, while the main body of the wardrobe can hold suitcases and guest clothing.

Bedding and Towels

Speaking of spare bedding, it is your role as host to ensure your guests have the most pleasant possible stay – that is, guests plural. You will need spare bedding not just in the event of a spillage or scuff but also to rotate bedding between guests. The same is true for toiletry items like towels, which should be provided in abundance so guests can wash with ease.

A Personal Touch – But Not Too Personal

Décor is vital to making your guests feel comfortable. To some extent, a personal touch can help your guests feel at home while they are staying with you. However, there is such a thing as too personal – and there may be some spare room decorations best removed for the best possible guest experience.

While the homely feel can be inviting, personal effects in the form of family photos, documents or other such should be removed from the room. This way, guests won’t feel like they are intruding on a family home, and will be more likely to feel comfortable in staying. Instead, homely decorations can be added in the form of candles and houseplants.

A Clean Room

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, your guests will all naturally expect a clean and tidy space to bed down in.

Beyond replacing the bedding, you should make sure you are regularly cleaning and tidying the room – both before and after each booking. This way, dust and dirt are kept to a minimum, and any lost or misplaced effects can be returned to guests in short order.

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