As the much-anticipated ‘Ring of Fire’ approaches, boxing enthusiasts find themselves immersed in discussions about the potential outcome of the heavyweight clash between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury.

, Four reasons why Oleksandr Usyk can triumph over Tyson Fury, Days of a Domestic Dad

While the ‘Gypsy King’ enters the ring as the odds-on favourite for those looking for a Tyson Fury bet, there are compelling reasons to believe that the undefeated Ukrainian maestro, Usyk, holds the keys to victory.

As the build-up to the blockbuster bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on February 17 continues, here are four factors that could tilt the scales in Usyk’s favour.

Technical mastery

Usyk’s greatest asset lies in his exceptional technical prowess.

The Ukrainian boasts a flawless amateur background and seamlessly transitioned his skills into the professional ranks — becoming a world champion in multiple weight classes.

Usyk’s ability to control the distance, move with finesse, and execute well-timed combinations make him a formidable opponent.

Against the unpredictable style of Fury, Usyk’s technical mastery could prove to be the key to unlocking the puzzle that is the Gypsy King.

Ring intelligence and adaptability

Usyk’s victories over Anthony Joshua showcased not only his technical brilliance but also his exceptional ring intelligence.

The Ukrainian has a remarkable ability to adapt to different opponents and adjust his game plan accordingly.

Usyk’s capacity to read his opponent’s movements and make strategic adjustments mid-fight could provide him with a significant advantage against the larger and more unconventional Fury.

, Four reasons why Oleksandr Usyk can triumph over Tyson Fury, Days of a Domestic Dad

Speed and agility

Despite being considered a smaller heavyweight, Oleksandr Usyk compensates with extraordinary speed and agility.

His footwork is often likened to that of a much lighter fighter, allowing him to dart in and out of range, creating angles and openings for his precise combinations.

If Usyk can utilise his speed effectively, he may be able to frustrate Fury, limit the Gypsy King’s opportunities to land power shots, and score points with his rapid-fire combinations.

Usyk’s proven track record against big opponents

Given his stature, many questioned Usyk’s decision to vacate his undisputed cruiserweight belts and climb up to heavyweight.

But his rapid ascent to the top of the Blue Riband division was solidified by those aforementioned back-to-back victories over Joshua, which saw him become the unified heavyweight champion.

These wins, and his more recent victory over Daniel Dubois, demonstrated his ability to handle larger opponents and nullify their strengths.

While Fury is arguably a different kettle of fish to ‘AJ’, Usyk’s success against Joshua — a fighter known for his sheer power and size — provides a blueprint for how he might approach the Gypsy King.

Usyk’s experience in overcoming bigger adversaries suggests that he could implement a game plan that capitalises on his strengths and exploits Fury’s vulnerabilities — some of which might have come to fruition in the Gypsy King’s recent controversial win over Francis Ngannou.

While Fury stands as the big favourite in boxing betting, Usyk’s technical brilliance, adaptability, speed and proven track record against larger opponents make a compelling case for the Ukrainian champion.

The clash of styles between these two heavyweight titans is sure to deliver a riveting spectacle, with Usyk aiming to prove that he possesses the tools to dethrone the Gypsy King and emerge as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

, Four reasons why Oleksandr Usyk can triumph over Tyson Fury, Days of a Domestic Dad