The Sunshine State has had some pretty interesting developments with regards to gambling.

Florida Explores Faster Ways to Approve Online Gambling

Ways to Approve Online Gambling

When it comes to land-based gambling there are no cutting corners, however, online gambling is a little bit of a wild card given that the approval process has been stretching out for quite some time now.

In this article, we will be diving into the ways Florida has been trying to speed up access to online gambling. You can also go to for further references.

What are Florida’s Gambling Laws Like?

There is a significant boundary drawn between the laws on land-based and internet gaming in this state. Internet wagering regulations in Florida are far vaguer by comparison to the state’s land-based gaming regulations.

Many believe that there are no Florida gambling regulations that relate to betting websites and gaming applications.

As it stands, the state of Florida does not penalize or prosecute its inhabitants who place bets online at an online sportsbook or play internet casino games.

There has never been a case brought against a Floridian for engaging in internet gambling, however, there are laws that prohibit the running of an online casino within the state itself. For this reason, individuals tend to turn to offshore sportsbooks since they operate outside of the state border.

Offshore Gambling

Due to the accessibility to offshore casinos, gambling in Florida is gaining a lot of traction. Offshore gambling establishments and casinos are those whose owners and operators are located outside of the United States.

There are many of these sites, but not all of them are secure and compliant. With the help of this reliable offshore online gambling sites review 2022, we were able to distinguish between the good and the bad sites which are out there. Offshore sites offer a great space for novice and seasoned gamblers to test their skills and benefit from some of the excellent bonuses they offer.

The access to these sites has definitely accelerated the access to online gambling in Florida during the legislation process.

Approve Online Gambling, Florida Explores Faster Ways to Approve Online Gambling, Days of a Domestic Dad

A Legislation Timeline

For over a century, the state of Florida has debated and worked to implement different gambling legislations.

Locals have been calling for gambling to be decriminalized right around the time horse racing became a legal way back in the 1920s when Florida experienced a land boom.

The more recent history of gambling legislation highlights recent attempts to get online gambling approved:

A referendum in 2018 approved Amendment 3, which mandates a statewide vote on any expansion of gaming regulations.

This was later followed by a measure to allow sports betting to be introduced by Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes in 2020. The Seminole Tribe, on the other hand, is standing in his way.

Later on, the Seminole Tribe received unique sports betting rights in return for a fixed minimum annual payment to the State of Florida in 2021. Because of a number of litigation brought by other groups and operators, this deal has been put on hold.

Why are things on hold?

Unlike other states, gambling negotiations in Florida took place almost exclusively behind the scenes, rather than in public. The Seminole Tribe and the state of Florida have to agree to a broader gaming agreement in order to allow gambling in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis inked a new agreement with the Seminoles in April 2021, paving the way for a statewide mobile gambling system in the Sunshine State.

In May of 2021, state lawmakers ratified the agreement, and in August of the same year, the tribal compact to be published in the Federal Register was permitted to be published within the  Federal Register, legalizing sports betting in Florida. Not an endorsement, but enough to allow the agreement to proceed.

In this way, the concept of cellular sports betting within tribal gaming law was sent to the courts for further consideration. To stop the state of Florida from allowing sports betting, many local advocacy organizations filed lawsuits, claiming the state constitution or the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act were being violated.

A federal court found in favor of the petitioners and the agreement was annulled awaiting appeal by both the tribe along with the DOI. As of June 2022, here is where we are. With all this in mind, we cannot expect a move on the legalization of sports betting until the second half of 2022.

Current State of Gambling in Sunshine State

The climate of online gambling in Florida is presently going through a period of change. The regulation of wagering on sporting events is currently the primary focus of this transformation.

On the other hand, it is quite probable that if this endeavor is successful, casinos offering internet gambling will also emerge in the state of Florida.

It is not yet known when exactly different kinds of virtual gambling will be made available from companies that have been granted licenses by the state.

Therefore, whether you are seeking a location to play slot machines or table games, or if you want to put a bet on the greatest and most valuable sports teams out there, the most ideal option for you is to play at an offshore gambling site for the time being.

Approve Online Gambling, Florida Explores Faster Ways to Approve Online Gambling, Days of a Domestic Dad