Euphoria is something more than a dark drama series. It’s a trendsetting phenomenon in the field of beauty, fashion, and social psychology. You can love this show or hate it, but you can’t deny that it influences people’s preferences around the world. 

Emotionless multiethnic women with colorful makeup in studio

Today, we will talk about Euphoria and the trends it has set and amplified. Let’s get started!

What is Euphoria All about?

In case you haven’t watched Euphoria, here is a quick overview of this TV show. It tells stories of a group of high school students. The series discusses typical struggles of young people: love, social media, drugs, money, and teenage self-identity issues.

What Are the Key Factors of Euphoria Success?

The success of Euphoria was defined by many factors, but mainly by its team: fabulous cast, legendary script writers, and talented costume designers making fabulous and trendy outfits.

But what makes Euphoria an extraordinary, trendsetting show? Firstly, it represents generation Z vividly and in a highly aesthetic manner. Secondly, every outfit and makeup highlights the self-identity of the main characters. And that are the key factors of success.

The Trends Set and Amplified by Euphoria

Every new episode of Euphoria took viewers by storm and set a new trend. Some of those trends were short-lived, while others dominated the market for much longer. Let’s talk about the most prominent trends in detail. 

Fashion trends

As we have already mentioned, costumes play an important role in the show. Every outfit is seen as an element of storytelling – it reflects the inner world and mental state of the character. 

Each character promotes its unique style: Maddy Perez presents Y2K fashion looks; Jules Vaughn – Anime punk, and Lexi Howard – the twee style. Basically, every character has set its own trend.

  • Y2K fashion

Gen-Z is obsessed with Y2K fashion, and Euphoria has amplified this trend. Revealing dresses, mesh tops, and midriff-baring shirts captivated the attention of young people. Demand for these products is getting really high, but this trend is unlikely to stay for long.

  • Anime punk

The character Jules Vaughn set trends for bulky skate shoes, chokers, box-pleated skirts, layered clothing, and punk-styled makeup. She wore these pieces of clothes and accessories with style and inspired others to copy her outfits in real life.

  • Twee style

Not all characters in Euphoria wear cutout tops and use glitter in their makeup. Lexi Howard is the one who promotes the twee style and vintage outfits. She wears white loafers and shorts with scallop-trimmed collars and uses big satin ribbons as a hair accessory. After each new episode, show fans start “hunting” for vintage pieces similar to the ones worn by Lexi.

Makeup Trends

After watching Euphoria, young people got inspired to make their everyday makeup more colorful and vivid. The result – bold colors, rhinestones, and glitter are currently seen as mainstream makeup. 

Do you want to follow this trend but don’t know where to start? If you are not ready to weave wearable gems into your beauty routine, you can start small. For instance, you can try colored mascara and neon eyeliner to achieve a more futuristic look.

Beauty companies don’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on this trend. They introduce floral appliqués and reusable gems to the market to satisfy the needs of young shoppers. So there are plenty of brand-new beauty products you can try.

Trend for Self-Awareness

In contrast to previous generations, Gen Z is more self-confident – young people have no fear of expressing their personalities. They are not afraid to be their most authentic selves when it comes to their sexuality and gender identity. And that’s exactly what Euphoria shows us.

Attitudes of the main characters make us love this show and motivate us to follow their example and explore ourselves. After watching this drama series, many young people have started using Taimi and other LGBTQ+ dating services for this purpose. Yep, a chatting app can be a great tool to find out whether you are truly attracted to boys, girls, trans, or both.

TikTok Trends

Naturally, all things that are trending in the fashion and beauty industries are also trending on social media. If you use TikTok on a regular basis, chances are you have seen the “Euphoria High Style” trend. Many content creators hopped on this trend and showed how they would dress if they were Euphoria High students rather than ordinary students.

These videos draw even more attention to the fashion style promoted by Euphoria. People who haven’t watched the TV show have learned the concept of Euphoria high style from TikTok.

Wrapping up

Euphoria is a trendsetting phenomenon for a reason: that’s the only show where perfectly chosen costumes and makeup add another layer to the narrative and demonstrate how fashion can help people express themselves.

Do you want to keep up with modern trends? Watch this drama series and get inspired with trendy, Gen Z-approved looks.