Race Through Summer with the Dragons Race to the Edge Series

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With summer in full swing and us as a family travelling a lot, I figured it was time to have a day to play. We have been on either road trips or flying to other states, I thought the kids need a moment to reconnect to summer break. So we did. We broke out the cool box of cool stuff Netflix set us a few weeks ago. They sent a few items from one of our favorite shows, Dragons Race to the Edge.

Dragon Look a like

Dragons Race to the Edge

Joeli, Jaci and I have watched all the episodes and loved all the action in the story line. Now this isn’t a video review, it is a get out and play post.

DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE tells the action-laden story of what happens before How to Train Your Dragon 2, as Hiccup and Toothless explore an amazing world that they always imagined, but never knew, existed beyond the borders of Berk.

Dragons Race To The Edge

In this all-new Netflix original series, the Dragon Riders dicover the mysterious Dragons Eyes, which is filled with Ancient secrets.

Dragons Games

To kick off our play date we decided to start off with a Dragon race and the winner won the perfect spot on the couch. Next we had a a hind and seek with Hiccup’s map , and winner got a snack first.

Dragon Racing

Than we moved our Dragon day into the house, it was getting too hot, and worked on a couple printable pages.

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Dragons Color Pages

Lastly we topped off our Dragon day with a DIY Viking hat, made out of plain construction paper.

Dragons Play

After all that we chilled on the couch with treats in hand and enjoyed the rest of the after noon with Hiccup and Crew.


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