Disclosure: I am sharing my experience with affresh® cleaners as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh. I’ll be posting an update on how some of the other affresh® cleaning products are helping me to stay on top of my daily cleaning with me Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan.

Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan, Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan, Days of a Domestic Dad

We love our new home and have gotten completely settled in. Unpacking all the boxes took some time. I didn’t really pay much attention to basic housekeeping until that was completed. Now I am turning my attention to the upkeep of our new abode. My latest project is putting a monthly maintenance plan together.

check air filter Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan

Spring seems to be a good time to do that. Here is what my list includes so far.

  • Change air filters
  • Check refrigerator water filter
  • Clean disposal in sink
  • Clean dishwasher check fire extinguisher
  • Change range hood filter
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Check fire extinguishers
  • Clean coffee maker
  • Clean washing machine

check water filter

For some of these projects I’ll be making good use of the affresh® line of cleaning products. I am particularly keen on the affresh® Disposal Cleaner. The disposal in our kitchen sink gets a lot of use. And, it can smell a bit off after awhile. I haven’t had much success in keeping that odor free in the past. Now I have a weapon.

affresh Disposal Cleaner

The affresh® Disposal Cleaner is easy to use. Just one tablet each month scrubs the disposal clean with a powerful foaming action, leaving behind a citrus scent. Here is how it works:

1. Turn on hot water to low flow

2. Drop one tablet into the disposal

3. Turn on disposal for up to 30 seconds

4. Turn off disposal

That is it. The cleaner rinses away the foam and any residue, sending it down the drain. The affresh® Disposal Cleaner is specifically designed for this purpose.

affresh Disposal Cleaner foam

I have come to rely on several affresh® cleaners for specific cleaning jobs. There are cleaners for daily housekeeping as well as the ones I need for the routine maintenance projects I have on my list. I’ll be using the washing machine cleaner and wipes to keep our machine free of odors and mildew. The coffee maker cleaner will come in handy. And, the affresh® dishwasher cleaner will also be put to good use.

I do like a clean home, especially when we have friends and family over. I can do a quick cleanup to get the house ready and smelling fresh. If you also want an easy way to keep your house clean, affresh® cleaners are easy to order online from Amazon. Check out the website for the affresh® Disposal Cleaner.