Are you ready and willing to go to town with your paint brush? Well, before you start your home improvement project, take a minute to consider whether it’s right for you.

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DIY vs Professional Painting

Unfortunately, many DIY jobs, painting or otherwise, spiral out of control! The reasons for this are numerous, but it can be quickly remedied with professional help. And while it may cost more initially, it can save you time, money and a great deal of stress.

However, that’s not to say DIY is bad. If you have a sturdy pair of hands and  a sound knowledge of the basics, you can do a great job. In this guide we’ll discuss the pros and cons of professional painting to help you decide which route is best for you.

Pros – It Can End Up Cheaper in the Long Run

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve bought the materials and painted your exterior and interior walls. However, you’ve forgotten to prepare and prime your walls, and the paint is already cracking and peeling. In addition to having to buy more materials and fix the damage, your home just devalued in price.

Now, what would have happened if you hired a pro? 

The professional would have used their years of experience and knowledge to ensure the walls were prepared, primed and painted correctly. They would have patched up any holes, sanded down cracks and smoothed out any imperfections, giving you a beautiful finish. After, they’ll paint your walls with high-quality paint, giving you a long-term result.

The end result? 

You just avoided costly repairs and ultimately saved money in the long run. While spending thousands of dollars may appear pricey, it ensures you get a job done right to begin with.

Cons: If you’re decent with a paint brush, you’ll save a lot of money!

Contrary to our first point, not everyone is going to mess up a paint job. If you have the skills and patience to carry out the job properly, why pay someone else to do it? All you need are the supplies i.e paint brushes, roller, paint, and you’re golden.

Furthermore, you can pay a local handyman, whether it’d be your neighbor or your own dad to do the job. Just ensure they have the experience and knowledge to get it right. You don’t want to hire them only to be left with a half-finished job with paint cracking days later.

The skillset of a professional painter goes beyond rolling and brushing paint onto a wall. They can spice things up by implementing different painting techniques to create a unique look. Some of these include:

  • Faux finishes –  to create a textured wallpaper look.
  • Stripes – to create a stylish patterned wall.
  • Contrasts – to create an eye-catching feature wall with different colors.
  • Textures like marbling or rag rolling

If you’re DYing, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to implement these techniques. This is where a professional painter comes in handy.

Additionally, a professional can advise on which style is best for your interior. For example, if you have a smaller space and want  to make it look bigger, they can suggest a color scheme that’s lighter in shade. Or, if you want the room to look taller, they may suggest painting your ceiling with a high-gloss paint.

Cons: It’s just not that gratifying when you hire a professional

Saving stress and time are all good, don’t get me wrong. However, there’s nothing like the gratification of doing your very own DIY project. You’ve sweated buckets and put in the hard work, and reaped the reward of a job well done.

DYing for many people is a labor of love. You get to put your own spin on the project, learn something new and create something you can be proud of. And most importantly, you can say with pride that you have done it yourself.

Pros: Minimal delays for your painting project

When people attempt their own DIY project, delays are common, even expected. Delays can occur for many reasons, including forgetting to buy a certain material, running out of paint and more. Even juggling family and work with your painting project is a huge delay. 

By hiring a professional painter, you can forget about waiting months just to get it done. They’ll provide an estimated timeframe and (fingers crossed) will stick to it. This means you can move onto the other parts of your renovation project in no time.

Furthermore, painting, unlike most jobs, can only be achieved within a certain time period. This is because a paint coat has to be applied, then given time to dry before another coat is added. For example, a latex paint coat only takes 1 hour to dry, before you can add the next.

Cons: You must work around their schedule

Remember how we mentioned that painters give a timeline for their painting services? Well, within that timeline, you’ll have to make adjustments and work around their schedule. This means, if you’re working on other home improvement projects nearby, you may have to delay them.

You’ll also have to sacrifice your own time and space while they’re working. If your entire interior is being painted, then you may need to vacate your home while the job is in progress. Contrast this with a DIY approach, where you can work around your own schedule.

Although most painting projects should only take a couple of days, just be prepared to adjust for them. 


We’ve provided a few pros and cons to help you decide whether to hire a professional or DIY. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your own personal preference. When deciding, always evaluate your own situation. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have the budget for a professional?
  • Do I have the skills and knowledge for a DIY project?
  • Am I comfortable working around a professional’s schedule?

Taking a little time to think through your decision can help you save money and reach the best outcome. Good luck!

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