I bet most people have an ugly or outdated dresser in their home that’s not what it used to be but it has a lot of potential. Instead of buying a new one, you can revamp that old dresser you were about to throw away. Just a bit of creativity and elbow grease can lead to amazing results. If the dresser is old, it’s important you make sure the paint doesn’t contain lead by testing it with products like those offered by Check4Lead.

Dresser Makeovers, 20 Creative and Thrifty Dresser Makeovers, Days of a Domestic Dad

20 Creative and Thrifty Dresser Makeovers

The dresser makeovers I’m sharing today explain various techniques for repainting and renovating old furniture that I’m sure even beginner DIYers will be able to follow. There are also so many styles to choose from I’m sure you’ll find something that works for your dresser and home decor style.

  1. Vintage Dresser Makeover from thecraftedsparrow.com
  2. DIY Dry Erase Dresser from ducklingsinarow.com
  3. Project Restyle Photo Decoupage from abeautifulmess.com
  4. Pearl Effects Metallic Dresser Tutorial from rootsandwingsfurniture.com
  5. Goodwill Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover from littlehouseoffour.com
  6. Modern Mountain Dresser from hellolidy.com
  7. Mossy Green Dresser Re-Do from lizmarieblog.com
  8. Purple Dresser Makeover from craftingintherain.com
  9. Mint French Provincial Dresser from viewfromthefridge.com Dresser Makeovers, 20 Creative and Thrifty Dresser Makeovers, Days of a Domestic Dad
  10. Duck Egg Dresser Makeover from urbanpatina.blogspot.com
  11. Aubusson Blue Dresser Makeover from artsychicksrule.com
  12. How To Paint Laminate Furniture from themerrythought.com
  13. Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover from delightfullynotedblog.com
  14. Gray And Pink Dresser Makeover from unoriginalmom.com
  15. How To Paint A Dresser from designertrapped.com
  16. Painted Dresser Makeover from whatroseknows.com
  17. Before And After Ugly Dresser from billiemonster.com
  18. Dated Dresser Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com
  19. The Baby’s Room: The Dresser from itstwoam.wordpress.com
  20. Upcycled French Provincial Dresser from grillo-designs.com

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