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What’s your superpower? Or, if you could have a superpower, what would it be? Me? I would like to be able to fly. Can you imagine the airfare I could save?

Jaci Cleaning in Style

Clorox Clean

In reality, in my everyday life, my superpower revolves around caring for my family. From providing for them to cooking and cleaning, I consider it a privilege to have the ability to serve them. It’s simply the type of person I am. And, well, as you could probably get from my blog name, I AM a domestic dad.

clorox, What is Your SuperPower – Clorox, Days of a Domestic Dad

I not afraid to get down and dirty while cleaning the house. Thankfully, Clorox wipes make my hero job at home even easier.

clorox, What is Your SuperPower – Clorox, Days of a Domestic Dad

Not to mention, the wipes seem to give my kids superpowers as well. Once you give them a wipe and tell them they can’t play until the kitchen is clean, they create their own version of hero cleanliness. And, as a parent, I am not beyond using games and incentives to make sure the kids to do their fair share around the house.

clorox, What is Your SuperPower – Clorox, Days of a Domestic Dad

Besides, I know how much easier and more efficiently we can get the housework done as a team. Think of it like the Parr family in Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles II. Each member of the family has their own unique superpower that makes their family unit better. When they all work together, they are stronger.

Joeli and Me Super Hero

So, again, what is your superpower?

Let Clorox, available at Target, and Incredibles 2 help you step up your battle for cleanliness!

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