Don’t be the one that brings store bought treats to the Christmas party of the season. Check out these Christmas Candy Santa Hats that will be a hit and that are super easy to make.

Santa Hats Pin


Candy Santa Hats

• Red Candy Melts
• Small Holiday Colored Sprinkles
• Bugles
• Mini Marshmallows

Santa Hats

In a small bowl, melt some of the Red Candy Melts, stir until smooth. Pour some of the sprinkles into a small bowl and have it ready. Also have a piece of wax paper setting on the counter, ready to place your candies while they are drying.

Santa Hats

Dip the large end of each Bugle into the candy melts until coated. You may need to use a spoon to remove excess candy from the Bugle, if you use too much it will drip off.

Santa Hats
Once you are happy with the coating, dip the large end of the Bugle into the sprinkles to create the rim of the hat. Set the hats on wax paper and let them dry until the candy melt coating is hardened.

Santa Hats
Once the candies are dry, place a mini marshmallow over the tip of the Bugle and push down until it stays on to form the “poof” of the Santa Hat. Enjoy!