Many people like the idea of their child pursuing a career in law enforcement. A career in law enforcement is based around keeping the community safe and helping other people. There are many perks to working in this role, including receiving a good pension, ongoing educational opportunities, and competitive salaries.

, How to Encourage a Child to Pursue a Career in Law Enforcement, Days of a Domestic Dad

Although many people would like their children to start a career in law enforcement, only a small number of qualified and highly skilled people will achieve this. Working in law enforcement is renowned for being extremely hard for a number of reasons, but there are also a variety of reasons why you should encourage your child to become a police officer. Being a police officer is one of the most rewarding careers out there, and it’s a career choice that both you and your child can be proud of. Keep reading below for advice on how to encourage your child to work in law enforcement:

Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer

There are a number of processes and steps that all applicants have to go through before they can become a police officer. Many people choose to attend a police academy in order to complete their initial police training. Once this is completed, most officers choose to extend their knowledge by completing bachelor programs which enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills, and give them an edge in their career and salary potential. Once you qualify as a police officer, there are a number of job roles you can do both inside and outside the force. If your child would prefer to study online so that they can earn money alongside the course, they can do this with schools like Wilfrid Laurier University.

, How to Encourage a Child to Pursue a Career in Law Enforcement, Days of a Domestic Dad

How Long Does It Take to Train as a Police Officer?

It only takes 24 weeks of training to become a police constable. The training program includes investigative training, neighborhood policing, firearms, defensive tactics and driving. Many officers choose to continue their training in order to increase their career opportunities and salary potential, but you don’t have to go down this route.

Working in the police force is a brilliant career choice for people not wanting to spend a long time at university. Many parents who want to encourage their children to work in law enforcement remind them of how little time it takes to train as a police officer and the potential salaries they could earn once qualified.

Working in Law Enforcement

There are many positives to working in law enforcement. If you want your child to become a police officer, then why not remind them of all the benefits:

  • The salary – working in law enforcement brings with it benefits that most other careers can’t match. Pay rises are often given to officers who work in their role for a number of years. They are also offered some pretty good health and retirement benefits.
  • The training and career opportunities – it doesn’t take long to train as a police officer, but you needn’t stop your training there. Many officers choose to continue their education in order to increase their career opportunities.
  • The opportunity to save lives on a daily basis – many police officers find that they can literally save a person’s life on a daily basis. It might involve pulling a person out of a crashed car or providing support and first aid to a shooting victim before help arrives. But besides these examples, just being present might help save another person’s life.
  • The opportunity to help others make the right choice – in the majority of cases, police officers see people when they are at their worst. Gang members, drug addicts, spousal abusers and people who choose to drive whilst intoxicated are just some of the examples. One of the best parts about working in law enforcement is the opportunity you have to encourage people to make better choices.
  • The job is never boring – working in law enforcement is different every day. This career enables people to have a go at a number of different jobs and interesting skills, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a monotonous career.
  • The solidarity with your co-workers is outstanding – not many careers provide you with the type of solidarity you can find in law enforcement. Police officers not only protect and serve the community, they also look after one another.
  • The opportunity to solve problems – police officers are known best for running after the bad-guys, but many people don’t realize that most of their day is spent problem solving.

Working as a police officer can be tough, but there are a number of huge benefits to it. If you’re wanting to encourage your child to pursue a career in law enforcement, then remind them of all the amazing benefits that come with it.