One of the first questions you need to answer when you decide to buy an SUV is whether you’re going to get brand new or second-hand. Both vehicles work the same way—these can take you to places while guaranteeing comfort and convenience—but one is better for several reasons. 

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Buying a Used SUV

Brand new SUVs often come with attractive financing options and countless features, but these aren’t your only option. When buying a used SUV, take a look at one-owner models. Second-hand SUVs are great investments as these offer benefits that are inexistent in brand new vehicles.

You can experience the following benefits when you choose to buy a second-hand SUV:

More Options When Buying a Used SUV

Auto dealerships mostly showcase variants of their newest model. Therefore, if you’re going to buy a brand-new car in 2021, expect that the models available in the dealerships are those manufactured in the same year. This means you’ll have limited options to choose from.

Unlike brand new cars, second-hand cars offer a wide variety of options. If you’re going to buy a second-hand Kia Sportage this year, you can choose a model manufactured formerly. You can even have the opportunity to invest in a style or model that a brand no longer produces.

Cheaper Price

You don’t need to break the bank to drive your own car. You can enjoy the perks of having a car even if you have a shoestring budget because of the prevalence of second-hand SUVs in the market.

Affordability is one of the biggest benefits you can experience when you buy second-hand SUVs as these costs almost 50% than brand new cars. Buying an affordable car also means cheaper interest rates on loans, allowing you to pay off debt faster.  

No Exaggerated Fees

When you buy a brand new car, you won’t only have to pay for the price—you also need to allocate money to pay off several fees, namely dealer preparation, shipping charges, and destination fees. Some auto dealerships might even add hidden advertising fees to the price of the vehicle. 

You won’t have to worry about this problem when buying a second-hand SUV. Second-hand models don’t come with hidden fees, allowing you to save more money.

Easily Customizable

It’s common for drivers to want to customize their vehicles. A car is an expensive investment, which is why some drivers would like to ensure that theirs stand out on the road.

And while you can customize a brand new SUV, you need to wait for three to five years, as customizing it sooner can void the warranty. This will cause you to spend hundreds or thousands on repairs and replacements in the future. 

If you have a second-hand SUV that passed that period, you can immediately customize your ride. You may opt for a bolder color or add suspension to enhance the safety and comfort of your passengers. Whatever modifications you want to do with your SUV, you can do it freely without worrying about voiding any warranties. 

Lower Insurance Rates

A car is a long-term investment as you need to pay several fees for years. Aside from the loan, you also need to think about the insurance. Having car insurance is a requirement in many states to ensure that drivers have liability for the damages they might cause on the road. 

If you want to lessen the burden of paying thousands for insurance every month, opt to invest in a second-had SUV. Second-hand vehicles have cheaper insurance rates because these models have already depreciated, resulting in cheaper insurance premiums.

More Reviews And Support Online

You need to get as much information about the car you want to buy to determine if that model is the right fit for your budget and lifestyle. However, researching might not be as easy when you choose to buy brand new. Information about brand new SUVs is often limited online because not all people can afford or have access to them yet. 

When your buying a used SUV, you can easily find tons of information about the vehicle you’re eyeing to buy. Since these models were manufactured years ago, thousands of people have already tried and brought them, which means you won’t have any problems reading articles or watching videos showcasing that model. 

Do you want to know how the SUV performs on steep roads? Search for the model online, and you’ll surely find several videos of people reviewing it. Are you curious about the specs and longevity of an SUV? A quick search online will give you access to thousands of car blogs.  

An Experienced Mechanic Is Your Best Ally 

To enjoy the perks of owning a second-hand SUV, carefully inspect the model you’re eyeing to buy.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with how and what to inspect, bring an experienced mechanic with you when looking at second-hand vehicles. By asking for their help, you can easily find the best second-hand SUV in the market and prevent wasting money on lemon cars.