You’re about to bring home a new puppy, and while you’ve done loads of research on what it’s like to live with a dog, there are still some things that might have slipped your mind. Getting a dog is a big step in any person’s life because you want to take care of them like it’s your child.

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Bringing Home A New Dog

We’ve compiled a guide for anyone who is making the big move to dog-owner so they can avoid any logistical slip-ups. 

Provide Them With Their Own Space

It’s always good to have an idea of where you’ll be keeping the pup at night, and during the day when you’re not interacting with it. A bed or kennel is a great way to provide them with their own space, but make sure they are comfortable in there.

Keep it somewhere nice and secluded and consider taking your new friend with you when choosing your dog’s bed as it’s nice to see what bed they’ll go to and which bed they’ll choose. You can also bring them when choosing food for them because you’ll be sure they’ll eat it. Your dog’s space needs to be a place where they can rest and lick their wounds if it’s needed.

Having a bed that can be placed in one place is handy, but having some portable dog training pads is even better. If you put the pad on the couch, on the balcony or wherever your pet likes, he/she will not only feel at home, but your loved fur will also belong to it. Make sure to choose training pads that can be washed and dried easily. Consider their durability as well!”

Dogs Need Activity

You’ll need to provide them with a certain amount of exercise every day,  and dogs can’t play on their own. If you work a 9-5 job, you might want to consider getting them taken care of outside the house throughout the day.

This will provide them with much-needed stimulation and give them something fun to do. Think about what type of dog you’re getting and how active they’ll be, then plan accordingly. 

Give Them A Schedule

Dogs thrive on a schedule, and they want to know when it’s time for bed, food, walks, playtime, and any other activities. Dogs are creatures of habit, so make sure their routine is consistent each day.

If you’re bringing home a new puppy soon you might be wondering if your dog will be jealous of your new addition. If you follow these tips, it will provide an environment where they can all get along and there won’t be any issues. Having more than one dog is also an additional thing to consider as you will have to double everything. 

Provide Them With All Their Needs

Dogs need food, water, and shelter just like we do. Make sure their bowl is full each day so they have everything they need to survive. You might want to consider getting them water bottles because it will be easier for you to provide their water this way, and it makes it fun too.

Dogs also need to be let outside regularly, and you don’t want them going anywhere near your living space. If they do go to the bathroom in their bed or kennel you must clean it right away as you wouldn’t like to sleep or eat where they’ve peed before.

When You’re Not Home

You should always provide an area where they can go to the bathroom in your house, and you don’t want them going anywhere near their bed. If you’re a new dog owner then you might not even know what type of puppy training is needed, but you must provide somewhere for them to go to the bathroom. Puppies tend to have accidents because they aren’t trained properly, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. You’ll need to take your new furry friend outside every couple of hours so they have the chance to use the bathroom. If you’re not able to take them out then consider getting a dog flap installed in your door so they will go where they are supposed to without making a mess.

Make Their Life Happy

Dogs love to be in a good mood and they only stay in a bad mood if you let them. Dogs are playful and love to have fun and it’s your job to keep them happy. If you do this, they will be a much more enjoyable pet for you and the whole family. Even though they don’t understand what we’re saying, they match our energy. So, if we make them happy, they’ll keep us happy as well. 

If you are ready to bring home a new puppy, make sure you follow the helpful hints listed in this article. This new addition is not just a pet, it’s part of the family. You need to care for them and provide everything they need to thrive.

A dog is a big responsibility, so it’s best to be prepared for anything.