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How do you start your day off? We like to start our day off with a health dose of “The Force”, with the limited time Star Wars cereal from General Mills.

I can say are whole family is Star Wars fanatics at heart, but Joeli has really taken the lead with her love for the series. I asked her the other day if she love the Rebels or the Empire more. She could answer, she just loves Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The great thing treating Joeli to some Star Wars cereal is that both Vader and Yoda our featured on the box.

Star Wars Cereal

I just love being able to share something I have grew up with when I was a young boy. I remember first seeing Star Wars at our local drive-in movie spot. Ever since then I have almost eat, breath and lived Star Wars. So I just love knowing all of my kids, including my youngest, have an appreciation for a classic Sci-fi movie.

What about your family? Are they Team Rebel or Team Empire? How would you like to bring the force to your breakfast table? You can.

Do what we did. Download the coupon and get you a box or two of Star Wars cereal for the kids… or yourself.