So many of us believe to start our day with a cup of peace and double up the energy with every sip. There were so many instances where we witnessed our family members starting their day with a cup of tea.

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Best Tea to Drink in the Morning

Also, some researchers have suggested that drinking tea is always a better alternative to coffee and when it comes to family, we do care about their health and mental peace. But have you ever wondered what is the best tea to drink in the morning? In this post, we are going to discuss the apt teas that can be consumed in the morning

Indian Masala Chai

For all the complete chai people, masala tea with a blend of whole spices and lots of ginger is a perfect way to kickstart the day.  Fresh ginger extract, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves all the flavorful warm spices.  Every family has their own blend of spices when it comes to Indian masala tea. But whatsoever the blend is. The only thing every Indian family love is having a cup of peace and some spare time to enjoy the tea as well as enhance the bond.

Green Tea

As the name suggests, green tea has always been and will always be the best choice for tea lovers who love to have tea and who are health conscious as well. Because you are going to have the caffeine in a cup of green tea, but it will be less than what you consume when your drink a cup of coffee. Clearly, it is a healthier drink than coffee. To fuel the day with lots of energy you can go with green tea. Give this tea to your loved ones, especially those who are ageing. Give them a twinkle in their wrinkle.

The Black Beauty

If there is anyone in your family who is completely a caffeine person, then this black tea is all you need to suggest to them to start their morning. A very popular tea across the globe for centuries. This tea has the tendency to make you overstimulate. It also consists of so many health benefits that include improving your immune system and it may help in your weight loss journey.

The Ginger Peace

The herbal-free tea with ginger extract, perfect for you and your family members. The best part is you can enjoy this tea in a homemade version as well. Much research suggests that ginger may reduce so many health-related problems. If you are feeling nausea, aches, and chills then you can go for a cup of ginger tea as well.

Elaichi Chai

One of the most widely consumed tea especially in almost every Indian family. A tea perk with Elaichi is all that is needed to set a family get-together mode. Elaichi chai is a best friend for every individual who loves to start their day with a cup of chai.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is one of the most relaxing Seven teas and the herbal caffeine-free tea that is brewed from the leaves of the chamomile flower. With a mild sweet flowery taste, it is a very comforting hot beverage that works to calm your zeal to have something hot down. It has been proven that drinking chamomile tea can ease sleep problems. A perfect morning tea for your beautifully ageing family person.  

The Matcha Tea

There are some teas that are rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants, matcha tea is one of them. It is made with the whole leaves of the tea plant; this tea has some earthy acquired taste. According to some early research, matcha contains more antioxidants.

Some studies claim that this tea contains a high amount of caffeine, and as a result of that, it does have a strong taste. It is one of the best teas to drink in the morning for the families who love to enjoy their me time.

What is the Best Tea to Drink in the Morning?

No matter what the situation is, A cup of chai always works wonders. Be it any festival or any function in the family the ultimate solution for every mood is “EK cup chai ho Jaye.”

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