Renovations of Calgary basements are on the rise as homeowners discover innovative uses for this space within their home. Calgary basement design projects now range from home theaters and media rooms to offices and entertainment areas – each serving multiple purposes in their design plans.

Light spacious basement area with staircase

Other ideas for the basement include creating a music room complete with soundproofed stage and acoustics, or setting up a laundry area – both are great ways of expanding its potential use.

Secondary Suites – Safe Housing Options

Secondary suites – commonly referred to as in-law suites, granny suites and basement apartments – have become an increasingly popular way for homeowners and property investors alike to generate extra income. Offering numerous advantages to both the landlord and tenant alike, secondary suites typically yield greater cash-on-cash returns than many other home renovation projects.

Secondary suites are self-contained units in a home that feature kitchen, living, and sleeping amenities. They may be situated anywhere within its walls – basement, main floor, upper level – as long as they provide independent external access and do not share internal spaces with the primary dwelling unit.

Oak Bay offers some of the most accommodating rules regarding secondary suites. They’re permitted in all RS Zones that permit single-family residential use; however, some specific requirements must be fulfilled to ensure their tenants’ safety – for instance installing an independent heating system is recommended.

Is a Basement Gym a Good Idea?

One of the hottest basement ideas of 2023 is turning the space into a gym. As healthy lifestyles continue to gain prominence, more homeowners want access to an in-home workout space where they can keep fit without leaving their house.

One trend in basement renovation is adding or widening existing egress windows, allowing natural light to fill the space, making it feel brighter and more welcoming.

An essential aspect of finishing a basement is choosing appropriate flooring. Many homeowners opt for matching the flooring of the rest of the house in order to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance that makes potential buyers see their basement as part of their living space and increases home values as a result.

Decorating room dividers have also become more and more common in basements, helping create separation between a lounge area and TV viewing zone or an office and playroom. These dividers often consist of bookshelves or nonsolid dividing walls to keep an open layout feeling spacious and airy.

Home Offices

Basements make excellent locations for home offices due to their privacy. Large windows and neutral colors should help create an airy ambience; floor and wall sconces may also help illuminate the room effectively.

Home theatre renovation is another popular basement improvement choice. A home cinema provides families with a comfortable space to watch live sporting events and stream content online, making family time memorable and more affordable. Be mindful that such rooms require additional electrical and plumbing work which will add extra expenses.

There are numerous exciting trends surfacing for basement renovations that combine functionality and style. Homeowners can transform their basements into secondary suites, gyms and entertainment spaces that will add value to their homes while choosing from various design themes and styles to suit their personal tastes. Some popular design elements for basements include detailed ceilings, space separation features such as curtains or screens and creative staircases as some of the more appealing design ideas.

Entertainment Rooms

Many homeowners enjoy giving their basement renovations a personal touch by including fun details such as chalkboard walls, wood accents or unique staircase designs that express their family’s personality and make the space more enjoyable for all involved.

One popular basement idea is a music room. This can range from providing soundproofed space for practicing piano to hosting jam sessions with all family members present.

Homeowners in Calgary who wish to create a music room should first take into account how it will be used and the size and layout of their space, in order to determine soundproofing needs, extra power outlets and lighting needs and proper ventilation requirements. Working around ductwork, pipes and electrical wiring in basement renovation projects can present unique challenges; one solution might be creating soffits with wood slats as decorative elements or using ceiling designs with decorative features like wood slats for hiding them from view.

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