Some people desire more than calmness and relaxation from their vacations— they need an adrenaline rush.

Nature will offer some of the best adventures shot of a group of young male friends white water rafting

Thrill Seeker Vacation Ideas

But you cannot get this excitement by booking a luxury hotel room and spending your days on the comfy bed or reading a book by the hotel swimming pool; you need to do actual stuff. You need vacation spots that send chills and thrills through your spine.

But where do you get to experience all this? Below is the ultimate list of ideas to help you get rid of your boring suit and tie routine and stressful meetings. Instead, you will feel thrilled and excited. Check out our list of crazy places that add a mandatory dose of thrill to your life.

Swimming With Humpback Whales

Yes, you read it right; swimming with humpback whales under the most protected and controlled conditions is possible. For this experience, you need to visit the Sanctuary of the Marine Mammals in the Dominican Republic in the Silver bank.

The Humpback whales migrate to Silver Bank from December to Mid-March. Another place to swim with whales is in Vava’u, Tonga. Every year, these south pacific whales travel from the feeding grounds of Antarctica to the northern islands of Tonga.

There is nothing more stirring than feeling the giant whales gliding alongside you in the same waters. And, it can for sure become an unforgettable experience in your life.

White Water Rafting In Tennessee

Tennessee rafting can easily be called the world’s most popular rafting trip. You will get a rafting trip of approximately five miles filled with outdoor fun, excitement, and thrill. The trip runs through the breathtaking gorge in the Cherokee National Forest.

The best time for planning a white water rafting Tennessee trip is in summers when nothing looks more exciting than water sports and activities. Plan this activity with your friends or families.

It is a perfect fun-filled trip for everyone— even first-timers are welcomed too. So, sign up for this splashy fun this summer for a thrilling experience.

Sky Diving From 30,000 Feet

It does not take much effort to be in awe of those air force guys diving from the fathomless heights of the sky. But can only they have this exhilarating experience? Surely not! If interested, you can jump through a plane and see what the world looks like from up there. At more than 30,000 feet of height, the air is so thin that you need an oxygen container and mask to breathe. But the view is so mesmerizing that you might forget even to breathe.

Climb To Heaven Through A Hike On Mount Hua Shan

China is full of beautiful places, but you might get some added fun if you are a hiker at heart. Hiking in itself is an adventurous experience with breathtaking views of the mountains instilling a strange fear of falling down. But nothing can compare to the sheer fear of climbing Mount Hua Shan of Huayin City, China.

But be careful; the vertical trails, radical staircases, and thousand-foot precipices can be spikey and rigid. Be sure of all the safety measures. After all, you would want it to be one of many experiences, not your last experience.

Surfing Down A Volcano

Do volcanoes instigate your curious spirit? If so, visiting Nicaragua to surf down a volcano must be part of your to-do list. As they say, No pain, no gain, so be ready to get dirty, get bruises, gashes, and cuts during this experience because you will be sliding down and hiking up on a wooden or metal board.

But generally, if you follow the guidelines, it is a pretty safe activity. If you are a group of friends betting with each other and trying to break records, be ready for accidents too. It is because the surface is often uneven and rugged.

Having said that, you can surely expect adrenaline pumping through your veins, speeding up your efforts, skills, and resolve to hurdle down the sides of an active volcano. You will see there is nothing quite like flying off a pebble-scraping steepness.

Bungee Jumping In Macau

Macau tower is one of the places to visit if you are a fan of bungee jumping— the best place for adrenaline junkies. Macau tower is one of the tallest structures in the world with a height of 764 feet, so the experience will be absolutely electrifying but a little terrifying too.

The fall starts from a platform located high up on the tower with a breathtaking view of Macau city in your view. When jumping down, you get to see the hustle of this busy city. You will experience free fall at extreme speeds for at least five seconds before you are stopped by an airbag specially designed for this purpose.

Kayak the Arctic

Are you fond of exploring the unexplored? What better way than a tour to the Arctic, the world’s most untapped place. Most of you know the Arctic by its freezing winters, but this part of the world experiences summer too (well, not entirely a summer) when it is relatively warmer, and the ice gives away a little. Kayak the Arctic through the mixture of water and ice. Remember to have the proper clothing and protection.

Have A Dive With Sharks In Fiji

The waters most populated with Shark are around Beqa Lagoon, Fiji. Among the eight scary species, the tiger shark is the most fearsome, and you will most probably spot one if you have a dive in these waters.

If you survive the encounter, you get to do plenty of things in Fiji. This includes snorkeling and diving, enjoying horse riding along the beach, and visiting a waterfall.

Scuba Dive in a Cenote in Mexico

For an authentic underwater experience, you need to scuba dive in a Cenote on the Riviera Maya of Mexico. The whole experience happens in a limestone cave that has been naturally carved out by running water for thousands of years.

As you swim through this place, you will see things very few had the opportunity to see.

When it comes to having an exhilarating experience, you have more options than you can count. The world is filled with beautiful wonders ready to amuse you.

You must be prepared to have this adrenaline-pumping experience, which combines fear with excitement.

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