Every year, there seems to be a specific destination that people flock to. Utah is one of those states that has been experiencing a boom in tourism, and there are several reasons why.

Things To Do In St. George, Utah

Here are the top 9 reasons why Utah is quickly becoming the top vacation spot.

1. It Is A Great Winter Destination

Of all the things to do in cedar city utah, there is no shortage of winter sports. The colder months of the year offer the chance to explore the state’s national parks and hike through canyons. There are great skiing trails and high-end restaurants connected to skiing resorts that make people come back time and time again.

2. It Has 5 National Parks

Dubbed “The Mighty Five,” each of the five parks in Utah presents a different vista and geology that makes them unique from each other. You’re not going to get the same view twice. For example, Bryce Canyon has bright red hoodoos, while Zion has winding rivers and rich biodiversity.

3. It Sports An Ex-Olympic Park

The Winter Olympics took place in Utah in 2002, and that has left the park open to visitors. People are free to try out the bobsled tracks in the Olympic Park, as well as skating on the ice during the winter.

4. Switch Seasons In One Trip

You don’t have to go very far to switch from summer to winter. Go skating in Salt Lake City, travel down Snow Canyon, and then you’re in Nevada which sports warmer temperatures. Just be sure to dress accordingly.

5. It’s Great For Hiking Lovers

There are so many hiking trails that you’ll have a problem choosing just a few to explore on a daily basis. These trails can be used during both the summer and winter months, making them very versatile throughout the year.

6. Going To Sundance

Park City boasts the Sundance Film Festival, which is hosted every winter. It is not only the best indie film fest in America, but it provides the first showings of movies that are the talk of the industry. The biggest problem would be finding somewhere to stay.

7. It Has The Best Snow In The World

Utah’s tourist board goes one step further and states that Utah has “the Greatest Snow on Earth.” It’s a combination of the salty air, the high altitude, and the dry atmosphere that’s created snow that’s quite powdery. This makes excellent conditions for both novice and advanced skiers alike.

8. It Offers Both Mountains And Rivers

Zion National Park offers helicopter rides that allow you to see every inch of the mountains and the valleys below. Once summer hits, then you can hike along the river’s edge or even bring your own canoe or kayak, as long as the waters are safe.

9. It Has Rich Native American History

Utah was originally named after the Ute people, who occupied the region a millennia before the white settlers arrived. Take a tour through the Canyonlands National Park to see petroglyphs and other artifacts left behind.

If you’re interested in taking a trip to Utah, consider booking your vacation today so that you can get in as much as possible. You won’t regret the life-changing experiences you’ll have.

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