Whatever your interests, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has a ton of fun things to do to keep you occupied. In terms of entertainment, Pigeon Forge has a lot to offer, including dining, shopping, and theme parks.

Attractions in Pigeon Forge Cabin

Attractions in Pigeon Forge

There are various attractions to choose from, making it challenging to decide which one to try out first. We’ve put together a list of Pigeon Forge attractions that visitors shouldn’t skip at all costs!

Bird Feeding At Parrot Mountain

This spot is a little piece of paradise. Pathways go through picturesque scenery to unusual parrot enclosures holding various parrot species. Tropical birds resting on porches can be seen as you go along the paths. Along the trip, you can see toucans and hornbills in secret gardens.

You can give the birds nectar from a cup in your hand in one part of the bird gardens. How amazing is that? You don’t often have the opportunity to interact so closely with such strange creatures.

Additionally, there is a nursery for young birds where you may observe them being fed by hand and perhaps even pet them. After your stroll, there is a charming small spot where you may rest and have lunch if you like as you observe the birds.

If you’re looking for a memorable experience, this is one of the best attractions in pigeon forge that you shouldn’t miss.

Jolly time at Dollywood

The picturesque 150-acre Dollywood theme park, which bears Dolly Parton’s name, is located in the highlands of the Smoky Mountains. Although it offers thrilling rides and costs, the park has a Disney-like atmosphere. Both the atmospheric, family-friendly design and the customer service are outstanding.

Each year, Dollywood’s award-winning attractions and entertainment draw millions of visitors. It offers rides suitable for children of all ages and is home to the fastest wooden thrill ride in the world. The grounds are filled with music and crafts, making your time here unlike any other adventure park you’ve ever been to.

Dollywood also has a sister park named Dollywood’s Splash Country, which is open from May to September if you’re looking for more of a water park experience. The theme of the park is inspired by the entertainer’s memories of swimming holes from his youth.

Wine Tasting

Mountain Valley Winery, one of the oldest recognized Tennessee vineyards, offers some of the most distinctive wines in the nation. Over the past 20 years, it has created over 200 premium wines and won numerous accolades.

There is also free sampling available. There is simply no better way to see Tennessee than by participating in a wine tasting. One of the top activities in Pigeon Forge for adults seeking a romantic evening is visiting the Mountain Vallery Winery.

Explore The Island

A beachfront location hidden up against the mountains is called The Island in Pigeon Forge. When you stroll through the area and take in the numerous stores and dining options, you’ll find that the beach is only a short distance away.

If you don’t want to say goodbye just yet, The Island has restaurants, specialized stores, an arcade, tiny amusement park-style activities, a spectacular fountain show, and a hotel where you may stay overnight.

On The Island, there is a store for every customer. There are several places to go where you may find hats, magic shows, movie memorabilia, clothing, accessories, toys, collectibles, and more. There are plenty of entertaining activities to do for both kids and adults.

Attractions in Pigeon Forge Park

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Ride

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster, at more than a mile long, is the longest in the United States and is located near Pigeon Forge, about 1.4 miles off the Parkway.

You get to decide how quickly you travel on this ride, although the average time from top to bottom is about nine minutes. It’s easy to see why this attraction is a kid’s favorite. This is an extraordinary and thrilling way to view the Smoky Mountains. You should add this to your agenda of things to do in Pigeon Forge.

The Titanic Museum

The Titanic, a well-known luxury ship, will always be remembered. In particular, not with Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, having a Titanic Museum attraction. The museum seeks to provide visitors with an immersive experience that makes them feel as though they are actual passengers on the ship by opening doors to the past.

Visitors are given a boarding card at the start of the tour and are allowed to explore replica parlors, staterooms, and halls to get a sense of what life could have been like on board the tragic ship. You may even stand on sloping decks and touch an iceberg in the 28-degree sea. The museum has about 400 items from the Titanic on display.

Little Pigeon River

The now extinct passenger pigeon and the fact that birds frequently gather in the area gave rise to the moniker “Little Pigeon River.” Little Pigeon River contributed to Pigeon Forge’s early 1900s electrical supply. Electricity was originally produced by The Old Mill, which continued to do so until it closed in 1935.

The river has been crucial to Pigeon Forge’s growth since it has provided the lush soil needed to cultivate crops and a location to construct and operate mills in the past. Now there is a pleasant walk along the river that many tourists use to get some fresh air. This is a popular gathering spot for the neighborhood, and it’s also beautiful. This is one of the greatest freebies to do in Pigeon Forge if you’re traveling on a budget.


It’s easy to see why some refer to Pigeon Forge as a “hidden treasure” in the South. What was once a little farming community is now a wonderful family holiday spot where everyone, young and old, can find something to interest them. You can plan the ideal vacation to Pigeon Forge now that you are aware of the top attractions there.

Hikers and explorers, thrill-seekers, music fans, enthusiasts, science nerds, foodies, artists, and folks just looking for some downtime can all find something to do in this quaint town.

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