Everything is easier with music, right? No matter the amount of chores, you’ll notice how time flies when there’s a catchy playlist in the background. A little bit of vacuuming and a little bit of Ricky Martin cut time short and you actually end up enjoying the pile of work.

Songs to Add to Your Playlist, 5 Songs to Add to Your Playlist if You’re an Avid Casino Player, Days of a Domestic Dad

Songs to Add to Your Playlist

Nowadays, we’re so used to the hectic pace of life and the noise it brings with it that we’re unable to enjoy silence for a long period. That’s why we turn to music as the perfect background noise. Not only does it make time go by faster it also helps us concentrate and focus on the task at hand. 

The world of online gambling is no stranger to music. Don’t you just enjoy the fun noises slot machines make or the well-known ka-ching sound that pops up each time you score a win?

Also, many famous artists have used the casino atmosphere like their songs and you can find numerous casino references in a number of pop and rock hits. So, the next time you sit at your desk and enter your favorite online casino like why not compile a playlist of some hot beats and try to find the casino elements in the songs. To find out our suggestions, keep reading.

Viva Las Vegas

Well, you won’t have to look hard for a casino reference here as it’s staring right at you. Elvis Presley, the King of Pop himself, made the song come to life.  This tune was recorded way back in 1964 by, but to this day forward it’s believed that there’s no better song that depicts the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the gambling capital.

Its catchy beat makes the song contagious so you’ll definitely be singing it the next couple of days, even after you leave your virtual casino. 

Presley encapsulates it all—poker, blackjack, casinos, sparkling lights—everything that comes to mind when Las Vegas is mentioned. This tune deserves a place on your playlist, no doubt about it.

Black Queen

A true guitar fan must have heard of Stephen Stills, the famous American singer and songwriter. In 1970 he released an album and the abovementioned song—Black Queen found its place on that exact album.

As can be seen from the song’s name, the singer dedicates his lyrics to describing the card that often dedicated the outcome in games such as blackjack or poker. He calls it the “vicious” black queen that always “tears the game apart.” 

Whether he’s actually talking about the card or using it as a metaphor to describe something entirely different is up to you to decide.

Poker Face

Back in 2008, this song was everywhere, on the kitchen radio, in stores and on Youtube where it has almost reached 1 billion views. If you’ve never heard of the song(although we highly doubt it), it was sung by the one and only Lady Gaga and it marked her appearance on the music scene.

Since then, many casinos have added this song to their playlists to show that they follow the latest trends and they thought it would bring more players. Naturally, they weren’t wrong.

So, the next time you’re developing a slot tournament strategy, this tune will definitely get your casino juices flowing as it’s the perfect background song.

Waking Up in Vegas

Yet another song that celebrates the Las Vegas lifestyle, this bop by Katy Perry puts in words the dream we all hope to achieve one day—hit the jackpot and have a fun night in Las Vegas.

The lyrics tell the story of a young couple who decide to try their luck in Las Vegas and they end up winning a huge amount of money. 

Unlike her other songs, this one is not as popular but it’s still the ideal song to motivate you to put your head in the game and earn some cash. If the couple from the song could do it, what’s stopping you?

The Gambler

We’ve saved the most iconic song for the end. This song by Kenny Rogers tells the story of a professional poker player who shares his experience with a man he meets while on the same train.

He recalls his gambling days and offers advice to the man sitting opposite him. The song is deemed to be a casino anthem by many and if you’re a passionate player, you must have heard this song at least once.

When you want to boost your confidence, this is the tune to play!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’re creating your casino playlist as we speak. The abovementioned songs will surely improve your focus and make gambling even more fun.

Songs to Add to Your Playlist, 5 Songs to Add to Your Playlist if You’re an Avid Casino Player, Days of a Domestic Dad