You need a smartphone in the modern world. You may be stopping yourself from getting one and sticking with old flippy.

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Why You Need a Smartphone

But you are doing yourself a disservice without one. From using social media to stay in touch to improving health and wellbeing, here are some genuine reasons.

Finding the Services You Want

The touchscreen reinvented the cellphone as we know it and essentially allows us to walk around with a laptop in our pocket. The value of this is that we have access to information and data immediately.

But we also have access to the entire web, and that means services. Any companies, such as moving services, with local SEO or registered on service sites will show up after a quick search. And do we even need to mention food delivery apps for one of those days?

Keeping Up with Family and Friends

Okay, so a phone is a phone, no matter how smart it is. But smartphones are excellent for using apps and web platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Of course, there are many more, but the ease and speed at which you can use some of these apps is astonishing. All support instant messaging, making them a quick and convenient way of keeping in touch with friends and family. Then, you can also scroll through new posts when you have the spare time.

You Need a Smartphone for Work

Smartphones aren’t just for idle chit-chat; and they can be highly advantageous in your professional life. Staying connected to your work is vital for many people, especially given how many of us now work from home. Apps like LinkedIn can also help you find a new job or new partners. Yet collaboration apps such as Trello let you manage projects from anywhere. But even something as simple as Google Calendar can help you avoid work appointments.

Health and Wellbeing Apps

Did you know that your smartphone can help you get well? More than just something to use for shopping online, your phone can accommodate various apps for health and wellbeing. Some of the simplest include meal planners. Or you can use calorie and diet plan apps such as Noom. Further, apps like Headspace offer assistance with meditation and relaxation. Apps such as MyFitnessPal can help you track various aspects of your personal health with nutrition insights.

Playing Video Games On the Move

On a more fun note, smartphones have taken their time to produce good quality video games, but today, they are competing with some of the large home consoles. Franchises such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, and Fortnite are available on smartphones. So you can play your favorite games wherever you are. With games of the high quality you can get today, train, bus, and subway journeys just got much less boring and something you can use to get some playtime.


Finding local services is just one reason why you need a smartphone. You can also use your phone to keep up with work stuff. And there are many video games to choose from these days.

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