Who doesn’t love a smart side hustle? It’s not just about the money – although, admittedly, that’s great. It’s also a way to get creative if your full-time job doesn’t offer you that. 

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Side Hustles You Can Start Making Money

But, if you’re saving up for something special, or looking to get out of debt fast, what are the best side hustles for earning money to do just that? A survey of over six thousand online loan customers conducted by Wonga, listed popular hustles ranging from pet sitting to baking speciality cakes to printing custom t-shirts. And that’s just for starters:

Dealing in second-hand clothing

With online consumer selling sites such as Ebay, Vinted and Poshmark, it’s easy these days to sell clothing to a mass market. To find the clothing hunt through the many charity and second-hand stores out there for items you know will sell.

You could also try small market outlets where you can buy in bulk to get a discount, look at clearance sales or try to buy at wholesale prices from local clothing manufacturers.

Later, with lots of positive reviews, you can start selling on your own website and even starting up your own product line if you have enough interest from clients.

Penning poems for events

Personalised poems are becoming extremely popular for birthday dinners, anniversaries, weddings, even corporate events. But not everyone can write. If you love putting pen to paper and learning about people’s lives, then this could prove an extremely profitable venture.

Advertise your services, complete with a portfolio of previous poems you’ve written. You can also team up with event planners. Consider getting your poems framed or printed onto greeting cards etc.

Supply beauty services

Nails and eyebrows in particular, are big business in the beauty world these days. If you’ve already done a college course or short-term online beauty course and have a certificate and accreditation, then instead of just doing your mates’ beauty routines, why not advertise to the public instead? 

You can rent a space in a local hairdressing salon or offer to treat people at home where they’re comfortable. 

You can always branch out and start doing make-up (another big money spinner when it comes to proms, parties and weddings).

Produce doggy delights

Most people love treating their dog or cat with home-made, healthy treats – but rarely have the time to make them themselves. And that’s where you come in. Using quality, preservative and additive-free ingredients, get baking and experimenting with different flavours you can try out on your own pets. 

Design gift sets and variety packs. Send a few free samples off to pet bloggers for them to sample and review. That way they can promote your goodies to a large, interested audience. 

Photography and videographer

Ticking the creative box, learning to become a pet photographer, wedding videographer or an event photographer in general can pay big bucks. If you’re already talented in this area, then why not monetise your skills – especially if you’ve been feeling a bit cash-strapped of late? 

Another way to make money with photography is to upload existing images to photography sites such as iStock and Pixabay. That way you can get paid when the images are used.

You could also start up a YouTube channel and share your knowledge via a set of online classes. When you have enough subscribers monetize it via ads.

The Wonga survey also revealed that of those who carried out side hustles, around 62 per cent did so from home. Not all were online either – only 18 per cent. Around 48 per cent of those who responded to the research relied on the income their side hustle provided. 

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