Horse racing has long captivated the world of literature and film. We all have our favorites when it comes to movies about horse racing, and we are likely to share our recommendations with our friends and fellow bettors. With Royal Ascot just around the corner, we thought that these five awesome movies might provide a break from the process of sorting through the Royal Ascot tips. Sit back and take a look at our opinion on five awesome horse racing movies worth watching.

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One of the most famous horse racing films of all time, Seabiscuit tells the story of the race horse that shone light on the dark times of The Great Depression. Jeff Bridges plays a mourning father who finds more in the horse than he was expecting. It is a heartfelt story weaved with the story of an amazing race horse that is well worth a watch.

Phar Lap

A classic story of the underdog, and another horse that brought little to people in difficult times. This time it is the Australian people who are cheered by a horse who won 32 of his last 35 races and wrote himself into the history and the heart of the nation. Starring Tom Burlinson and directed by Simon Wincer, this film is a classic,and should be watched by all those interested in the world of horse racing.

National Velvet

This film is known around the globe as a classic of the genre. It is a film for bettors, spectators and simply just those who love a good film! It is the story of a 12 year old girl from the English countryside who wins a horse in a raffle (as you do!). Together with a jockey who is scared of horses, the girl – Velvet Brown – takes the horse to the Grand National. Velvet rides the horse to victory and is offered lucrative deals by those in Hollywood. However, her love for the horse – The Pie – causes her to refuse the offer and the pair return home to live a quiet life. Velvet is played by a young Elizabeth Taylor, and the film is a classic heart-warming story for all of the family to enjoy.

Ride Like a Girl

This film is a recent addition to the world of horse racing movies. It was released in 2019 and tells the story of Michelle Payne – the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. Teresa Palmer is great in the starring role, and Sam Neill gives a great performance as her father. It is a bit of a tear-jerker, but also a great story from the world of horse racing.


This film is inspired by a true story, and is considered by many to be a fantastic addition to the list of great horse racing movies of the modern era. It follows the story of a horse trainer and his daughter and an unlikely winning combination of horse and jockey. Starring Kurt Russell and a young Dakota Fanning, the film is a must watch and is sure to be enjoyed by all the family.