It’s finally that time. You saved up the money and the time off of work and it is finally here, the vacation week you have been dreaming about. You are packing your bags and dreaming about a week filled with a mix of adventure and relaxation. 

Cars to Rent

Cars to Rent on Vacation

Now it is time to book the rental car and you are debating whether or not to splurge or keep it simple. The answer? Splurge! Vacations don’t happen every day, so when they do you need to take full advantage. 

Adding an adventurous or luxury rental car to the mix of your vacation makes the trip feel even more special and exciting. There are all kinds of different rental options available, so part of your choice depends on what your goals are for vacation.

 If you are headed to the mountains, then a luxury off-road vehicle is the way to go as it provides an opportunity for adventure while also traveling in style. But if you are headed to a city or the beach, maybe a convertible or even an electric car is the way you want to travel. 

These five cars below are the best of the best and will guarantee a fun-filled trip while also allowing you to ride in style. 

2015 Ford Mustang

Awesome Car Option 1: Ford Mustang GT

When it comes to the Ford Mustang, you can’t go wrong. This iconic car is not only a classic, but Ford continues to work at improving it year after year. The Mustang originated back in the 1960s which means that it has been perfected ever since.

In general, Ford has a strong reputation for reliability and the Mustang meets this criteria too. It is helpful to know when traveling that the GT provides more trunk space than your typical sports car. Whether you are looking for speed, luxury, or a convertible option, the Mustang provides it all. 

Awesome Car Option 2: Land Rover Range Rover

You’ve seen them driving around town and admired the sleek look of the Range Rover. You’ve been envious of the drivers enjoying their luxury and space at the same time. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the style of a luxury car while also enjoying its one of a kind features and off-road capabilities. 

The beauty of the Range Rover is it has all the bells and whistles while also being built to navigate mountain roads. This SUV provides space and safety features you can’t beat such as collision-warning and blindspot monitoring. 

Plus it is simply a beautiful and stunning car that will fulfill your secret dream of driving a fancy car. Plus, you won’t have to pay the full price of a luxury car long term since you can return it once the vacation is over. 

Cars to Rent, 5 Awesome Cars to Rent When on Vacation, Days of a Domestic Dad

Awesome Car Option 3: Tesla

There is a reason you are seeing more and more Teslas being driven on the road and it’s not just because it is a cool car (which it absolutely is). The Tesla is great for travel which makes it an excellent choice for a road trip rental car or if your vacation plans include a lot of driving. 

And not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it accelerates like a dream and can go from zero to sixty in three seconds. Driving a Tesla around on vacation is enticing because you won’t have to worry about gas and if you are concerned about the time it takes to charge, don’t be. 

The Tesla can fully recharge itself in an impressive time of forty minutes. Tesla’s are the perfect mix of elegance and responsibility. You can enjoy knowing that not only are you driving a gorgeous car on vacation but that you are also helping the environment too. 

Awesome Car Option 4: Audi E-Tron

One of the most luxurious, yet eco-friendly cars out there, the Audi E-Tron provides comfort and elegance while also giving you a 200-mile range of drive time. This beautiful car also boasts all-wheel drive and state of the art audio and navigation systems. It is ranked at the top for luxury hybrid vehicles and it is easy to see why. 

The E-Tron provides a smooth ride and the just-right balance of accelerating quickly without it feeling too jarring. It is also spacious, making it an excellent choice when traveling with family or extra luggage on your vacation. And most important of all for a vacation car, it will be both reliable and beautiful so you will enjoy getting in it every time you drive. 

Awesome Car Option 5: Jeep Gladiator 

If you are looking for the perfect mix of adventure and hauling space, the Jeep Gladiator should be your first choice. The Gladiator lives up to its name using strength and durability for any and all off-road adventures. And it has the added benefit of allowing you to haul items if needed. 

For extra adventure, you can take off the sides and top and enjoy the windblown feeling of a convertible while being able to offroad with ease. The Gladiator gives you the feel of both a Jeep and a truck, leaving it desired by many as their preferred vehicle of choice. Your next vacation is the perfect time to check out this adventurous new car. 

Cars to Rent, 5 Awesome Cars to Rent When on Vacation, Days of a Domestic Dad

Renting a Car For Your Dream Vacation

Imagine yourself getting to the rental car counter and being excited to check out your vehicle for your dream vacation. Choosing one of these cars will make this a reality for your next trip. 

You can’t go wrong when choosing any of these awesome cars for a vacation rental. Not only are they gorgeous to watch as they cruise along the road, but the interior of the cars are both functional and luxurious and the cars are reliable. 

When you go on vacation you want to feel relaxed and stress-free. Renting one of these vehicles will ensure that your vacation will go smoothly no matter where you travel.