Just because it seemed like a fun idea when it popped into my head a few moments ago… here are 35 random facts about me:

  1. I am a Scorpio
  2. I married my high school sweet heart
  3. I have met Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog in real life
  4. Born and raised in Texas
  5. My favorite candy is Baby Ruth or Milk Duds
  6. I have 6 kids, all by the same woman
  7. I like watching football on Sundays
  8. Nascar puts me to sleep
  9. I believe in Jesus
  10. When it’s my turn to cook, I order pizza
  11. I am color blind
  12. I love Classic Rock-N-Roll
  13. I have met Aaron Paul from Need for Speed & Breaking Bad
  14. My car of choice is a 2013 (or newer) Ford Explorer Sport
  15. My girls like to put make-up on me
  16. I’m terrible at crafting
  17. I like to drive fast
  18. I am a dog lover because I am allergic to cats
  19. I prefer Mexican food
  20. My favorite comedian is Gabriel Iglesias aka “Fluffy”
  21. My wife is my favorite person in the world
  22. I was all my clothes together… and I dry everything
  23. I’d love to learn another language
  24. I’d also love to spend some extended time in in Europe somewhere
  25. I have short list of people I trust
  26. My Gran-Gran taught me how to kiss
  27. I want to learn how to play the guitar
  28. I am not good at basketball because I am short
  29. I am a terrible reader
  30. But an excellent listener
  31. My first job was at Kroger Super Market
  32. The only teacher I remember from grade school was 3rd grade – Mrs Byrd
  33. I love hugs and kisses
  34. I hate stepping on small toys… but who doesn’t
  35. Lastly, I am just a simple guy looking to raise his family and have a good time doing it.

Ok… now it’s your turn! Do you have 5 random thoughts about yourself you can share?  Leave them in a comment below or blog about them and leave a link to the post!