Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes, some of which can be extremely complex. I’m not an expert but I always admired Origami creations and the truth is some of these are doable even for us regular folks that haven’t mastered the art  Origami Paper Crafts. 21 Origami crafts for home decor

21  Origami Paper Crafts for Your Home

I’m particularly attracted by the geometric nature of Origami paper crafts and after spending some time online, I was surprised to find an incredibly large number of Origami crafts for home decor and I’m sharing them with you today.

Considering you can choose the paper colors to fit your home, you could decorate it with any of these Origami DIYs but I would love to know which one(s) you chose!

  1. DIY Origami Box Fairy Lights. from gatheringbeauty.com
  2. Origami-inspired Paper Star Garland from asweetafternoon.com
  3. DIY Hanging Origami Garden from onceuponherdream.blogspot.com
  4. Origami Boat Accessory from thethingsshemakes.blogspot.com
  5. Origami Ice Cream Cone Instructions from paperkawaii.com
  6. Origami Box Basket from itrydiy.me
  7. Origami Stars Garland from club.chicacircle.com
  8. Origami Crane Rainbow Mobile from sugarbeecrafts.com
  9. DIY Geometric Bowls from thecraftpatchblog.com
  10. DIY Geometric Origami from craftedincarhartt.wordpress.com
  11. 16 Point Origami Star from dreamalittlebigger.com
  12. DIY Origami Kusudama Decoration from icreativeideas.com
  13. DIY 3D Origami Wall Art from gatheringbeauty.com
  14. DIY Origami Lampshade from designandpaper.com
  15. Triangle Origami Bowls from itrydiy.me
  16. Kusudama Flower Cake Topper from ohhappyday.com
  17. DIY Triangle Boxes from tomfo.com
  18. Origami Bow Decor from persialou.com
  19. DIY Origami Decor Piece from kristimurphy.com
  20. DIY Origami Art from blitsycrafts.com
  21. Talitha Star from goorigami.com