When traveling with a child by plane, train, or car, parents face the same problem – in a closed and confined space, the baby gets bored very soon, he starts to act up, gets nervous, and if the child is not stopped in time, everything can end in hysterics.

Ways To Entertain Kids While Traveling

Ways To Entertain Kids While Traveling

Agree, not a very pleasant start to the summer holidays with kids.

In such situations, the task of parents (especially during a long family trip) is to think over the travel games in advance and direct all the irrepressible energy of their fidget to a peaceful course.

We give some tips for parents on how to travel with kids and bring a few ideas on how to make a trip with a child exciting and comfortable.

Train travel

The most comfortable option: you can move around the railway carriage, play at the table and communicate with other fellow travelers. There are no strict restrictions on the weight and size of luggage. Therefore, if the journey is long, you can take several different toys and sets for creativity. There are also special games for children on the road.

A selection of options for the train:

  • Drawing set. Album, notebook, notebook. Instead of getting dirty felt-tip pens, it is better to take pencils, wax crayons, and multi-colored pens. For kids, you can grab thin stencils and coloring pages that are age-appropriate and hobbies. The leather pencil cases for travel are perfect to store your kids’ writing pens.
  • Board games. They will captivate young travelers for a long time, they will help to master the account. There is a huge selection of topics. Action games differ in the size of the fields, the number of moves, cost, and workmanship. It is not necessary to purchase expensive options. The main thing is the presence of a cube, chips, and a field.
  • Uno Junior. Children’s version of an exciting game. Helps pass long hours of travel. Develops memory, logic, reaction speed, and attention. The age declared by the manufacturer is 5+. Users note that even a 4-year-old child will be able to play this lightweight version of Uno.
  • Tablet. You need to download cartoons and audiobooks for kids, and fairy tales in advance. You can take a children’s learning tablet that allows you to learn playing chess, for example, etc. An interesting option is a tablet (board) for drawing with light.

An older child can be borrowed to help you. For example, he might search the web for travel video tips or shooting ideas. Or you can ask him to convert mini travel videos into a kids-friendly video editor or use VOB to mp4 converter online to create a quality movie in perspective. The child will be interested in doing something serious and important. Plus there will be benefits for the whole family if you invite him to come up with gifts ideas for some holiday.

Car travel

Traveling by car is a little more difficult, most of the time you have to sit. Therefore, the choice of children’s games in the car is limited. If you purchase a portable table for a car seat, almost all the options described above will do – sets for creativity and drawing, developing cards.

What other toys to take in the car for children:

  • Orbo puzzle. A small ball with holes and balls inside. Balls come in different sizes and colors. They help relieve stress and develop motor skills, logical thinking, and perseverance.
  • Tetris. You can take a classic electronic toy or purchase a wooden analog (Montessori method), which is a frame with inserts. The second option is preferable for a small child, but you need a car table.
  • Children’s microphone (karaoke). Runs on batteries. It contains popular songs from cartoons that cheer you up.
  • Magnetic games. The choice of topics is large. There are kits for dressing dolls, treating animals, and assembling cars. Bestseller – “Noah’s Ark” Bondibon. This is a special children’s toy in the car for traveling.

Traveling by car involves stops. During them, make the most of your free time with outdoor activities. You can go fishing on the lake, or you can grab the ball or just run on the street. The main thing is that the child must spend energy and breathe fresh air.

Air travel

During the flight, you will have to sit all the way, you can not make noise. In addition, it will not be possible to take a large number of things, since the weight of hand luggage is limited.

Therefore, children’s games on the plane should be quiet and exciting, and the toys should be light and small.

A selection of entertainment on the plane:

  • Magnetic board “Write-Erase”. Eliminate the need to carry paper, crayons, and pencils and then throw out the trash. Also, nothing will fall. The toy will come in handy even after the trip.
  • Sticker book. It will captivate the little traveler for a long time and contribute to the development of fine motor skills.
  • Educational mini-game “Kids count”. Miniature format (created specifically for the road), bright pictures, interesting tasks. You can look for similar options for older people.
  • Plasticine Play-Doh. You don’t need to take a lot; just one jar of your favorite color is enough. Plasticine takes up little space, does not get dirty, does not stick, and allows you to keep your baby busy for a long time. It is convenient to play on the folding table of the aircraft.

Miniature dolls, cars, and animal figurines are also suitable. You can play role-playing games, train speech, memory, and fine motor skills, and get acquainted with new words.

Bus travel

The most difficult way for children to travel. Often there are no folding tables on buses, other passengers are very close. Therefore, children’s games on the bus should be quiet, calm, and interesting. It is worth grabbing books with colorful pictures. You can also take a tablet with cartoons and fairy tales, it is advisable to purchase children’s headphones.

A selection of activities for traveling by bus:

  • Antistress toys. Children love all kinds of Pop it, Simple Dimple, expanders, and spinners. They are inexpensive, compact, and perfectly occupy hands.
  • Laces. There are a huge number of species. They differ in size, theme, and complexity. The kid can take lacing with large details. For older children, educational kits for assembling wooden beads are suitable. It is not necessary to take balls, you can buy options with animals and fruits.
  • Smart cards. Ready-made educational games on the road for kids, on which thematic tasks and questions are written. For example, on a card with a tiger, the child will be asked to remember what other animals have stripes. The cards are small in size with bright illustrations. Topics are different: the world around us, animals, counting, letters, reading, and logic puzzles.
  • Magnetic puzzles. A good option is the Farm Frenzy puzzle with a drawing board. A feature of the set is a box that can act as a table. The magnets hold well, you can draw on the other side.


Properly selected children’s road games will occupy not only the child. Parents will also be able to join the baby and pass the time. It is worth preparing for the travel with kids in advance so that a week or two before the trip you can buy new toys, educational toys for children.

But to make sure that the kids do not find them before the trip, otherwise, the objects on the plane or train will no longer be a surprise for them.

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