Bicycle accidents are more frightening than any car accident could ever be, especially if you collide with heavy vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. It is because when riding bikes, you are more exposed to injury. Although you might be following the traffic rules, your bicycle can easily become the victim of a collision.

Female riding a bike along the beach

You’ve Been In A Bicycle Accident

However, more than anything, you need to ensure staying safe and taking the necessary steps, in case you get in an accident. 

There are many reasons that can lead to a bike accident, like a pothole or a collision with a car, truck, or motorcycle. Since it’s crucial to stay in your senses and avoid aggressive actions towards your opponent drivers, you should remain calm and note their details.

For instance, these important details are the driver’s full name, phone number, insurance company, license, license plate number, email address, and other important contact details. Moreover, there are chances you might lose yourself to all the pain and suffering caused by the collision, but you should keep your mind on achieving your compensation rights as much as you can.

To get your rights, here are some ways to help you get stable after a bicycle accident.

Stay Calm and Wait for the Police

After a bicycle accident, the first thing you need to ensure is to stay cool-headed and call the police while dealing with the driver at fault. Sometimes other drivers try to manipulate your mind by making you lose control over emotions. Since you are already suffering from intense pain, people might take advantage of your vulnerable state and provoke you into a fight.

For instance, the drivers might accept their blame initially, but deny it completely and act differently in front of the police to make you lose your temper. Unfortunately, if the police or any witness found you fighting, then there are greater chances that you will lose your compensation returns and get a penalty instead.

Get a Police Report

Waiting for the police can allow you to pull yourself together and communicate with the witnesses and the opposing driver efficiently. Even if you do not feel injured, it’s better to wait for the police and submit a statement in the police report.

Since some injuries are hidden and only start showing symptoms after a few days of the accident, you should always mention the details of your injury in the police report. In case the police focus only on the heavy vehicle driver’s statement, you must convince them to listen to your side of the story in detail as well.

Get Legal Advice

If you are injured badly and can not collect all evidence on your own, you might need a legal advisor. However, not every lawyer can help people with bicycle accidents. You should take help from experienced, qualified, and specialized bicycle accident attorneys who know bicycle advocacy law and have past experience in representing such claims.

This way, you can get professional advice on how to proceed in the case, document all the evidence, negotiate with insurance companies or represent yourself in the law firm.

Get Evidence

Once you are done with the police report. You should collect the opponent driver’s contact details and get the statements and contact numbers of the witnesses.

To illustrate, you need the police report, witness’ contact information. The opponent’s license plate number, insurance company information, and other important evidence to prove your claim in the legal proceedings.

Treat Your Medical Injuries

Treating your medical injuries at the right time can help save you from serious injury or even loss of life. Therefore, it’s better to call an ambulance or doctor to the place of the accident, so you can get emergency aid before going to the hospital and giving your statement to the police.

Having medical reports and doctor’s statements can document your injuries and prove your innocence in front of the police. In addition, you should also take pictures or ask any nurse to get the injury images to help and make your claim stronger.

Once you are done with all the legal steps to claim your compensation. You can easily get your claim accepted through the insurance company settlers or the law firm.

Although the process is quite overwhelming and painful. Especially when you are badly injured, you should not lose hope and fight for your due rights with complete determination.

The compensation you will get will not be a small amount that you can ignore,  you will be able to cover all your medical bills, bicycle repairs, and other mental and physical trauma caused due to an accident.