It is that time of the year again when the atmosphere is charged with lots of love, warmth, and well, weight gain. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are alarmingly fast approaching and marketeers are targeted at seducing us to indulge in surplus.

Portrait of a sports man measuring his waist with tape

Ways To Burn More Fat

We want to party like hell, eat and drink without having to worry about gaining weight. With less than three months before the yuletide season, you will thank yourself for currently making your health a priority by staying in shape and keeping fit. Cultivate these seven habits going forward and you will get to rock the summer body during Christmas.

Seven Ways To Burn Fat And Get Fitter

  1. Eat Healthily

The easiest advice most people will offer concerning weight loss is a reduction in food intake. While this is true in most cases, you do not want a depletion in your energy reserves in your bid to lose weight. Eat a balanced meal, invest more in the consumption of more fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Substitute your soda drinks for natural homemade juice and smoothies. Cook your own meals; most of the foods sold in restaurants and fast food joints are laced with salt and unprocessed fats. Needless to say, stay hydrated. 

  1. Regular Exercise

You can never do wrong with regular exercise. Cultivate the habit of engaging in frequent exercise at least five times a week. It is also reasonable to track your weight and progress. There are apps that can help you track your weight, you can check them out, compare their features, and decide which one perfectly fits you. The other benefits of engaging in physical activities include reduction in anxiety and depression, improved cardiovascular function, increased tolerance, and improved brain function.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Most people associate intermittent fasting with an eating pattern involving regular short-term fasts where you eat small portions of food or no food at all for the purpose of losing weight. However, intermittent fasting could also help in the regulation of your blood pressure and your blood glucose level. See, there’s so much to gain from intermittent fasting

  1. Sleep

Lack of quality sleep could lead to excessive weight gain. It has been discovered that people who are sleep deprived tend to have cravings for sweet, calorie-dense meals that cause obesity. When you do not sleep well, your brain will encourage you to make bad decisions; this includes indulging in excessive eating and an inadequate amount of exercise. This is why it is advisable that you have quality sleep to keep your body and mind active and get an all-banging body as icing on the cake.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress is another factor that can potentially make you put on more weight. When you are stressed, a hormone, cortisol in your body is released. This hormone, when elevated, slows down normal bodily functions and metabolism thus increasing body weight. It is also called a stress hormone, released when the body is in a fight or flight mode. Stress causes excessive eating and craving for food. When you get a hold of your stress, you are sure to get your weight under control.

  1. Quit Intake Of Alcohol

Alcohol is a social and cultural pastime enjoyed by several cultures. Despite its social function, it could cause excessive weight gain. Alcohol contains what is known as “empty calories” meaning it has a lot of calorific content with little or no nutritional value. The calories the body metabolizes first is that of the alcohol hence transforming excess carbohydrates into adipose tissues. When under the influence of alcohol, you are prone to making bad decisions especially when it comes to how much you eat. It doesn’t just have detrimental effects on your weight, it also affects your overall well-being and health.

  1. Build A Community

Are you familiar with the saying that if you want to achieve something fast go alone but if you want to go far, you should do it in a group? The best way to motivate yourself into losing weight and getting fitter is to look for like-minded people, that is to say, people who have the same goals. These people will encourage you to get better and also keep you going when you feel like giving up. It will also be an opportunity for you to make new friends for the festive season that way, the party becomes merrier.

Christmas, as mentioned earlier, is a season of love and warmth; you can also meet your special someone during this period. The best time to fall in love is when you have your desired weight and size and you are in perfect health. 

Follow the aforementioned tips religiously and you will lose weight and become fitter.