Shopping for a car can be intimidating. But, an excellent used-car program and the availability of vehicle history reports should ease shoppers’ concerns. In addition, thanks to pesky depreciation, your budget can go farther on the used-car market. 

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You’ll Save Money

New car sales are great for automakers but could be better for consumers. If you’re in the market for a vehicle, consider the many reasons to shop used. The most obvious reason to buy used is money. You’ll save on the car’s sticker price, and you’ll also avoid depreciation. You’ll also pay less in fees when you buy a used vehicle. New cars have hidden fees like destination and dealer preparation fees that aren’t typically charged when buying a used car.

Then, there are the insurance savings, which can add up over time. A used car is typically cheaper to insure than a comparable new model. You may visit our trusted car dealerships for great deals and promotions.

You’ll Get a Better Deal

Buyers will spend months researching cars and narrowing options in a typical car-buying scenario. They’ll test drive many vehicles until they find a make, model, and generation that suits their needs. Then, they’ll head to a dealership and start negotiating. During the negotiation process, some dealers try to upsell or push a vehicle you don’t need. This happens more often than you might think. To avoid this, car shoppers should shop for used vehicles and research their favorite models before visiting a dealer.

You’ll Have More Options

With a little work, you can find almost any vehicle you’re looking for used. That’s thanks to the proliferation of pro-car buyer programs, the wide availability of vehicle history reports, and the ability of most private sellers to provide a clear picture of their vehicles’ histories. Plus, when shopping for a new car, you have to factor in hidden costs like shipping fees and additional options (like roof racks or rust-proof coatings) that may not add up to much in the long run but increase the sticker price significantly on a brand-new model. A used vehicle’s previous owner will likely have taken care of these things, giving you a clean slate when driving off the lot.

If you’re shopping for a CPO car, that extra peace of mind may be enough to sway you. But even if you’re relying on private sales and dealerships, ask for a thorough vehicle inspection.

You’ll Have More Fun

The car buying process can be stressful. Fortunately, shopping for used cars can be fun. Thanks to depreciation, your money will go much farther on the used car market than at a new dealership. Whether you’re haggling at a dealer or searching for private sellers online, narrowing down the pool of options can be fun. Start with a checklist of your must-have features, and explore the used car market to find models that meet your criteria.