Getting out in the cold weather is an enjoyable experience for many but for some, it can be their idea of hell. Regardless, taking a breath of fresh air by going on a woodland walk or a hike for those who are more adventurous, is certainly good for your health. 

With that being said, there are some useful tips that will help ensure you stay wrapped up warm, and free of the common cold.

, Tips To Stay Wrapped Up During Days Out In The Cold, Days of a Domestic Dad

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Get well-insulated clothing

Insulation is key when you’re going out on a walk, regardless of the length of the walk itself. From the best cold weather hunting suit to waterproof trousers, well-insulated clothing is worthwhile for your walk outdoors.

It’s good to build up your closet with some insulated clothing, especially if you find yourself out in the cold weather regularly. Depending on where you live, it might be worthwhile investing in well-insulated clothing so that if you do go out on longer walks, you’re not going to get caught out in the rain or bad weather, quite so severely. 

Remember to layer up

Layering up is one of the best parts of dealing with cold weather. Those that don’t like cold weather will find the one saving grace to be the layering up of clothing. Sure, you may find yourself stripping off layers as you walk to cool down. However, it’s better to be overheating than to feel cold when outside.

Find layers that are thin enough and aren’t going to make you feel uncomfortable when placing them on top of clothing. Leave the bulkier items for the top layer of your ensemble. 

Invest in hand warmers

Hand warmers are a lifesaver in situations where you cannot get warm. Whether you’re more susceptible to the cold or the number of layers wasn’t enough, hand warmers can save the day. Many are usable for several hours and others you can reheat to use again and again.

Hand warmers are typically snapped to then release the heat. Place these in your hands, under or over gloves, and enjoy the heat.

Don’t stay out in the cold for too long

Even for those that love the cold, it’s wise not to stay out in the cold for too long. After all, you don’t want to cause frostbite or give yourself the mighty flu a day or two later.

Try to be mindful of how much time you have been out and spend some time indoors if you’re doing an extra long walk or hike where possible.

Cover your extremities

To help keep yourself warm, make sure to cover your extremities. We’re talking about your head, hands, and feet. These are the areas where you’re going to expel heat and you want to keep them covered. It’s why having cold and wet feet will often make your whole body feel cold as a result.

Staying wrapped up during these cold winter days is important so make sure you’re keeping warm and being mindful of your body in this type of weather.