While it comes with numerous rewards, being a dad can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Between driving the kids to their extracurricular activities and helping them with their homework, finding time to yourself can be challenging.

,  Tips for Designing the Perfect Dad Den, Days of a Domestic Dad

Fortunately, you can create a designated space within your home that allows you some solace and much-needed ‘me time’ without having to set foot out of your front door.

Whether it’s simply unwinding on a comfy armchair after a long day at work or cheering on your favorite sports team without distractions, having a place you can retreat to for a few hours each week can be a great way to recharge your batteries and return to your best self for your family. In this article, we have outlined some tips to help you create the perfect dad den to focus on your hobbies and interests or to simply savor some silence.

Consider Your Interests

Perhaps many of your hobbies and interests fell to the wayside as you stepped into fatherhood. Now is the perfect time to rediscover your passions and create space for them in your dad’s den.

Maybe you were an avid reader of fantasy fiction or factual history. The addition of a bookshelf can help you organize your books and set aside dedicated time to read one or two chapters each week. If you have a burgeoning vinyl collection or enjoy listening to a certain band or artist, why not create a corner where you can soak in these sounds with a quality sound system? No matter your interests, a dad den offers you the opportunity to not only showcase them but to remember why they captured your imagination in the first place.

Decorate to Your Taste

Unlike the decor in the rest of your home, a dad den is a place where you can have free reign over the choice of decor and furnishings. Here, you can opt for the leather sofa or recliner that’s off-limits to food and drinks without worrying about spills and stains or paint the walls bright blue if you so choose.

Take up wall space with sports memorabilia, your children’s artwork or take inspiration from artisans such as Catstudio who create a variety of decorative items ranging from hand-stitched and embroidered throw pillows to high-quality art prints and illustrations, to help bring your room to life.

Tech Setup

No dad den would be complete without certain technological mod cons to make it feel like home. By creating a tech-savvy environment you can ensure your comfort and enjoyment will be maximized. With a home entertainment system, you can enjoy your favorite movies or sports games in high definition and surround sound as well as provide you with a more immersive gaming experience. 

Introduce your gaming consoles and virtual reality headsets if you enjoy this pursuit and enhance your relaxation by including Bluetooth speakers, and smart-home devices that allow you to adjust the heating, turn down the lighting, or start streaming movies with the ease of a voice command.

Use these tips to create a dad den that reflects your interests and tastes and allows you the time and space to shed your roles for a while and simply be you.

,  Tips for Designing the Perfect Dad Den, Days of a Domestic Dad