Good news: You don’t necessarily need a high-end PC to game. You can actually play a ton of old and new games, from indie hits to AAA titles, on a low-spec computer.

Best Popular PC Games

Use these simple tricks to game on your low-end device.

Dial Down the Game’s Settings

Most PC games come with a myriad of settings that can be adjusted to your machine’s specs. If you are willing to give up some of that visual fidelity, you can play many games that would normally need a more powerful computer to run at their full potential. Play around with the various graphics settings to improve the performance of a game on your device. One of the first go-toes would be the game’s resolution. Dropping it from 1080p to 720p can tremendously improve the framerate and allow for a smoother gaming experience, even if it’s not quite as crisp. You can use different tools to help you get the best performance on your device. FRAPS will track the frame rate as you adjust the settings, while NZXT Cam is another useful FPS tracker as listed on MakeUseOf that allows for further system performance management. Furthermore, Magpie is a free scaling tool that can help you enhance game graphics. Use these tools to squeeze the best performance out of your machine.

Close Unneeded Processes

Another important step to improve your gaming experience is to close any unneeded programs and processes your PC might be running in the background. Close any applications you’re not using and open the Task Manager to see what other processes are taking up your computer’s RAM and CPU. But be careful not to end any processes that are needed for your computer to function. And while you’re using the Task Manager, you can also allocate more RAM to your game by giving it a higher priority. You can do this via the “Details” tab, by clicking on the game and changing the “Priority” settings. Your computer will then prioritize the game when allocating RAM resources to allow it to run more smoothly.

Play Classic and Slower-Paced Titles

From older titles and indie games to casual online games, there is a large variety of games out there that can be played on less powerful devices without any issues. These even include many popular games with slower gameplay and simpler graphics. Games like Into the Breach, Celeste, Stardew Valley, and many more can run on almost any computer. And if you have a stable enough internet connection, you can choose from a near-endless selection of online browser games. Browser games are designed to run on all kinds of devices, regardless of their specs. From shooters like Krunker to MMOs like League of Angels and strategy games like Elvenar, the variety of browser games is huge. It’s also the perfect place for classic games, with digital versions of hits like Monopoly, chess, UNO, poker, and much more available online. You’ll also find a plethora of casino games and slots in your browser. Many online casinos offer large game libraries, with many of the best-rated platforms listed on casinobonusca featuring various welcome bonuses to help new players get started. This has made the traditional pastime more easily accessible, regardless of the device you’re playing on. While these games aren’t as visually impressive as the newest AAA hits, they still offer excellent gaming experiences for any type of player without the need for expensive hardware.

Stream Games Online

Besides browser games, you can also stream games online. Cloud gaming has emerged and improved in recent years, with many of the best cloud gaming providers as ranked on Tom’s Guide offering a solid gaming experience on the cloud. These services allow you to stream games online via a remote data center that’s equipped with the newest high-end gaming hardware. Instead of running a game locally, you only stream it onto your screen. That way, the spec requirements are much lower, and you don’t have to worry about your machine not being powerful enough. However, a fast and reliable internet connection is necessary to avoid lags and stutters. Connecting your device to the internet over Ethernet might improve the stability of your connection. If your internet is up to the task, you can even play brand-new AAA games on your old computer.

Are you a gamer, but you only have a low-end computer? Fret not. Use these easy strategies to improve your gaming session and enjoy games without having to buy expensive gaming hardware.

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