Moving house is stressful at the best of times, and when that move is across state lines, there are even more complications and stresses to contend with.

man carrying moving boxes

Yet, moving to a new state can be manageable if you consider a few things to ease the pressure. Yes, before you know it, the flurry of moving will be behind you, and exploring new places will become your focus instead.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Putting together a moving folder instantly lets you find all move-related information and documentation. Lists get kept together, and nothing is overlooked as items are checked off one by one. Organize household contents as well; after all, it’s a big move, and anything you don’t need should be sold or donated before packing commences.

The House

If you’re a homeowner, getting the house on the market will become a priority, so it’s taken care of before you move and allows you to purchase at the new location. Decluttering and redecorating reduces the volume of possessions to move and helps the sale process.

Purchasing a home before the big move lets you get settled upon arrival. Consulting a comprehensive Utah realty guide for those moving to the state is an excellent resource for finding a terrific house in the right neighborhood. Set aside time to make a local visit and book viewings with a local realtor rather than risk buying sight unseen. That way, you have peace of mind that you’re arriving at a new home you love.


As soon as you know you’re moving interstate, start researching removal companies and when moving dates are confirmed, book your preferred option. When looking for an interstate hauling company, insurance, services offered, and reputation must be considered. Check independent review sites to gauge the public opinion of various companies and ask for recommendations for anyone you know that’s moved recently. Services offered range from storage to moving vehicles, and any quotes you receive must include the things.

On the Road

Getting everything ready to go takes such a large part of moving that it’s easy to overlook the travel component of an interstate move. With vast distances a possibility, be kind to yourselves and factor in extra time along the way. If you’re flying out, ensure ample time after the moving truck leaves – book a hotel for the night if things could run late. If it’s a long drive, break it into stages with comfortable stops so that you arrive relatively rested and in good spirits.


Once you arrive, finally, it’s time to relax, explore, and settle into your new surroundings. You must switch vehicle registration and driver’s licenses to your new state of residence within a specific time (check with your state). Otherwise, organize utilities and have adventures at your leisure.

An interstate move brings more complications than a local move, which makes the process daunting. However, by getting organized early with movers, buying and selling homes, and planning the journey, you’ll significantly reduce the stress burden.

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