The mind can be a fickle thing. Perhaps by itself it wouldn’t be so bad, but tied as it is to our sensory experience and emotional content, it can often veer into accepting mistruths, disregarding rationality, and we need to keep that tamed. Often, the easiest mistruths to accept are those that our concerned with ourselves.

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How many people do we know have an incorrect sense of self-worth? We think of the showboating young CEO at a firm, or perhaps the person who, despite being the strongest of her friendship group, always puts her needs last.

This is where it can be essential to remind yourself of your strength. Because you have it, and don’t think any different. Taking five minutes to remind yourself of this fact can go a long way, and it might help you avoid that sense of lethargy and pessimism that can, once again, creep up on us despite our better judgement. With the following advice, we hope you get there more easily:

Look To The Positives In Your Life

Let us see where the positives in your life might lay. You might have a child. That sounds like a pretty massive achievement to us, something you should be proud of. Not everyone has the means to raise a loving and healthy family, and you’re doing that! So good on you. It’s not insignificant. Perhaps you’ve got your own familial home, somewhere secure you can relax. That didn’t happen by accident. Perhaps you’re sober for over two years now. That’s a huge landmark.

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Looking to the positives in your life can help you remember the good judgement you have exercised and the matters that you might have come close to enjoying. Remember, looking to the positives in your life is not failure. It can often help you tap into that hidden strength that might have simply become dormant.

You Have Survived Your Worst Days

Remember, every terrible day you have experienced you have made it through, and learned from. Compare yourself now to who you might have been ten years ago. Odds are you’re softer, perhaps wiser, more talented, in a better financial situation. Even if not, you have survived your worst days. This means that taking this energy and realizing just how much you can and have put up with can start to rebuild that personal sense of self-respect you deserve to feel. It’s not insignificant.

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Do Something That Makes You Feel Courageous

Do something that makes you feel courageous today, no matter how silly that feels. We can all do with practicing our skills. Perhaps being a little more talkative with our barber could be a good start, or finally contacting that car accident injury lawyer to take care of an injury recently experienced, or perhaps telling your partner you wish to talk about something serious. If you can approach the subjects that might be bothering you or as an effort to go out of your way, reminding yourself of your strength is assured.

With this advice, we hope you’re much better able to remind yourself of your strength.