Doing your plumbing can be overwhelming, especially if you know nothing about it, not even the basics. Before you touch your plumbing supplies and tools, sit down and research, and ensure you follow instructions.

How to let a plumber do the plumbing

Learning the basics can help you repair minor plumbing issues and improve your kitchen and bathroom. It will also help you save money on easy repairs and prevent possible disasters. This guide will help you understand the basics of plumbing supplies and how to use them correctly. 

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Your Handy Plumbing Tools

You will never get anywhere with plumbing without your trusty tools, so ensure you have them before you start. Using these tools, you can easily and quickly take care of minor repairs, replacements, and simple plumbing jobs. Here are some of the tools commonly used in plumbing.

  • Safety goggles and gloves
  • Basin wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Drain auger
  • Pipe cutter
  • Teflon tape
  • Pipe wrench
  • Tongue and groove pliers
  • Plunger
  • Strap wrench

Your Everyday Plumbing Supplies

First, understand how things work to begin repairing. Then, you’ll skillfully maintain and fix your plumbing systems. Here are some common plumbing supplies we use every day.

1. Kitchen Tapware

Kitchen tapware is the fixture in the kitchen to regulate the flow and temperature of water. It usually consists of taps, mixers, and spouts. Every house needs kitchen tapware to access clean water for cooking, cleaning, and washing. 

It lets you quickly control the water flow and temperature, ensuring ease and efficiency in everyday use. Kitchen tapware, which comes in various styles, provides practicality and adds aesthetic appeal to the kitchen space.

2. Rail Shower

A rail shower, also known as a shower rail or slider, is a nifty shower system featuring a sliding rail fixed to the wall alongside a handheld showerhead. The cool thing is you can easily move it up and down the rail to adjust the water flow direction as you like.

One of the best perks of rail showers is their incredible versatility. With the adjustable height of the showerhead, they’re a fantastic option for homes with little ones running around.

3. Above Counter Basins

Above counter basins, also known as countertop basins or vessel sinks, are a form of basin that sits on top of a bathroom countertop or vanity. The above counter basins’ objective is to add a visually appealing and fashionable feature to the bathroom. They are available in various sizes and shapes to fit your tastes and bathroom styles.

4. Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are standalone bathtubs not attached to any walls. They are designed to create a striking centerpiece in the bathroom. Freestanding baths provide a sense of elegance, relaxation, and indulgence in bathing experiences. 

These bathtubs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, such as acrylic, stone, or cast iron. Good for customization to suit different aesthetic preferences. They are flexible in placement as they can be positioned in the center of the room or against a wall.

5. Hand Held Showers

Handheld showers, also known as hand showers, are showerheads made to be held in hand while showering. They have a flexible hose connecting the water supply and a handheld showerhead attached to one end. 

The purpose of handheld showers is to provide flexibility and convenience in directing the water flow. It will allow you to move and maneuver the showerhead to different parts of your body. Handheld showers are useful for people with limited mobility or needing help bathing.

Know When to Call a Professional

Plumbing is a great skill to hone, especially if you live alone; you will know how to fix a water leak and replace a faucet. But you should also know when to call a professional plumber. Such as when your water pipe burst and your house gets flooded or if you’re putting in a big plumbing supply. Remember that basic plumbing skill is for basic issues and installation.

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