Have you been involved in a car accident? Well, the very next step that deserves your keen attention is the after-effects. You’ve been experiencing nightmares of the insurance companies and cops standing at your doorstep, whether it was your mistake or not. Do you have a personal injury lawyer?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer for the First Time

Well, it is quite a common occurrence. With many questions triggering your mind, the very first thing on your to-do list must be meeting an experienced injury attorneys to cater to your stress aptly.

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We are all thumbs up for the anxiety that you’ve been facing at the very thought of meeting a lawyer, but becoming prepared for answering all the questions must be on your checklist. Yes, before you pave a path for the meeting, ensure that you have all the paperwork and answer all the queries associated with the accident. Involving in this will help your Personal Injury Lawyer get a glimpse over the accident occurrence and will be in a better bent of mind for catering to the situation.

Can’t decide where to start? Well, stick to us for knowing how to get ready for meeting the potential attorney for your case. (Click here if you need help with a personal injury case)

What all should you carry to your meeting?

Visiting an attorney empty-handed without any documents makes no sense. However, the right car accident attorney for your case will let you have the information on the kind of documentation you need for letting him/her have a clearer picture of the accident.

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However, never be afraid of carrying the supporting documents you feel can aid in the smooth running of your case. Here’s a list of things that you should consider bringing during the very initial meeting with your attorney:

Police reports:

As your car accident time flies, you’ll be in a position to obtain the accident and police reports from the agency that prepares it. You can have them from the highway patrol, local police, or from the office of the county sheriff.

Health reports:

Bring the reports from every person who was/ is a part of your healing process, especially when the crash took place. These medical records can be in the form of emergency treatment and ambulance records, physiotherapy records, hospital paperwork, etc. Also, consider including doctor diagnosis copies, the prognosis, and other vital recommendations that require care in the future.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Bills associated with health care:

In addition to the actual medical records, consider bringing the bills handed over to you. These can be by a clinic, rehabilitation center, hospital, psychologist, chiropractor, or any other health provider who’s charged you for car crash care and assistance.

Work Documentation:

The part that makes you worry the most is the time you’ve been away from work and the deductions that follow. Well, consider bringing all the records that indicate the time you were out and how daunting this has cost you.

Insurance Documentation:

Get along with all the insurance information. This piece of information may include what all this policy covers, the amount of insurance policy, and the bills the insurance company has handed over to you.

Car/ Property Repair Estimates:

Never forget to bring along a repair estimate or a total loss suffered document for your vehicle. Doing so helps in letting the attorney have a closer look at the damages, and the claim amount he/she needs to bid ahead of the insurance company accused’s attorney or the jury.

The experts suggest never forgetting to bring along all the other crash-related evidence. Whether these accident photos, injury photos, or vehicle or other property damages- bring them along. The attorney will scrutinize these documents and let you know about the possibilities.

What questions must be on your list?

Now that you have attained perfection with document preparation, you might want to ask some questions that have been triggering your mind before your initial consultation. Taking note of these questions will assist you in taking the minutes of the meeting quite right while reducing the chances of being forgetful. Some of the things you should ask your car accident attorney must be:

  • How much is your experience with car accidents?
  • What has been your practice period in personal injury law?
  • How good has your outcome been in similar cases?
  • How often will such meeting sessions take place?
  • What will be your charges? Do you also work on contingencies?
  • Who should I contact for queries, if any?
  • For how long would the case continue?
  • Is there any other information that you require from my side?

The Verdict: Personal Injury Lawyer

Take a clear note of the answers to your questions. These determine whether or not you’ll be on the winning side by the end of the case. Getting involved in an accident, always consider a personal injury lawyer that helps in settling your damages. While you may feel that selecting an attorney and meeting him is a daunting task, worry not! A right car accident attorney by your side will build the trust you need.