Technology these days advances at a fast pace that sometimes it is hard for companies to adapt to certain changes in the market. Even though online betting is available for more than two decades, it only started to emerge a few years ago.

, Online Casino Games For Wearables: A Game Changer, Days of a Domestic Dad

Online Casino Games For Wearables

The online gambling market received a huge boost due to the Covid-19 pandemic where we were limited in terms of social interaction forcing people to switch to online gambling.

However, the online gambling industry is nothing new anymore. In fact, the world has moved on to a new trend that might be the biggest game-changer.

We are talking about combining smart wearables and gambling. This is one of the sectors where gambling wasn’t available until now, but it seems like this is about to change very soon.

What is Smartwatch Gambling?

As smartwatches became more powerful, software developers have started to include many features and options on them, such as games, sophisticated trackers, cameras, and much more.

Nowadays, many people own a smartwatch and they are so powerful to the point where they could replace smartphones with their features.

This trend didn’t go unnoticed by the gambling companies. Smartwatch gambling is just as it sounds. Basically, you can play online slots on 1Good.Bet from your smartwatch.

Benefits of Gambling on a Smartwatch

When it comes to this relatively new market segment, it is really important to highlight all the benefits that come with this new trend. The smartwatch gambling trend opens up many new opportunities that can change the entire process of how people interact with online casinos and play their favorite games. Not only can you access a variety of different types of gambling machines, but you can also learn a lot about how the online casino functions.

Ultimate portability

If you thought phones were portable, can you imagine what you can do on a smartwatch? – This will improve the portability of online casino games and they can be played at all times. For example, people can play their favorite games while cueing, while riding a bus or a train, or during a walk in the park.


Playing casino games on a smartwatch makes the entire process more secret and you don’t have to take out your phone in order to play your favorite games. With a few swipes, you can open casino games on your smartwatch without anyone noticing and make a few spins.

Simple interface

 Since smartwatches have a really small screen, software developers are forced to focus only on the things that matter. For example, if you play slot games, you’ll get only the reels symbols on the screen without any clutter around.

The simple interface will make the entire gambling process more interesting and simple.


If you place a few casino games on your smartwatch, they will be available for you at all times. This means that you can play your favorite games instantly and set up a few shorter gaming sessions throughout the day.

If you are someone who wears a smartwatch all day, having a few casino games might be the perfect way to sprinkle a bit of fun into your day.

How This New Trend is Going to Impact the Gambling Industry

Even though we are talking about a relatively small segment of the gambling industry, it will still have an impact on the entire market in sense of changing people’s gambling habits.

Once people have casino games available on their smartwatch, the entire process will change.

First of all, due to the availability of casino games, it is expected that people will change how they interact with such games. Instead of picking the right time to gamble, people will start participating in short gambling sessions throughout the day.

Additionally, the smartwatch gambling industry will force software developers to look for new opportunities to make games even more exciting.

As more and more people have smartwatches and the market grows, we will see even bigger software development games that will start to invest a  lot of money into the smartwatch gambling market.

, Online Casino Games For Wearables: A Game Changer, Days of a Domestic Dad